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Ideal combinations of sun, water and mineral-rich alluvial soil make for perfect growing conditions for Washington State potatoes. Varieties of Washington potatoes grown in the Columbia Basin,Yakima Valley and Skagit Valley are known world-wide for high solids and premium quality. Potatoes represent the State’s third largest agricultural crop with a farm gate value of over $690 million, and total value to the State of over $3.5 billion. In 2009, Washington growers raised 145,000 acres of potatoes with an average yield of 61,000 lbs. per acre, 8,845,000,000 lbs. total. 87 percent of the Washington potato crop is sold to processors who transform them into golden fries, crunchy chips and creamy mashed potatoes. Washington potatoes are nutrient dense, have more potassium than a banana, the protein of half a glass of milk and provide almost half of your daily vitamin C needs.

Potato Research Group at WSU

Northwest Potato Research Consortium


Sweet Corn

Columbia Basin Sweet Corn Cultivar Trials and Plant Population Studies
These trials, started in 2012, provide information about the suitability of processing sweet corn cultivars for production in the Columbia Basin.

Sweet Corn Seed Treatment Trials
The Seed Treatment Committee of the International Sweet Corn Development Association (ISCDA) organizes a multi-location seed treatment trial each year. Researchers from across the country evaluate the selected treatments for their effectiveness against seed-borne and soil-borne diseases that affect sweet corn stand and vigor.

Corn publications

field of corn stalks growing

Additional Vegetable Resources

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