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Spring 2020 Spray Update

  • Apple and Pear Trees:
    Spraying for Codling Moth in apple and pear trees should begin May 5 and continue as directed on the label.
  • Cherry Trees:
    Spraying cherry trees for Western cherry fruit fly should start May 8 and continue weekly.
  • Spinosad insecticide is recommended for control of both Codling Moth larvae and Western Cherry Fruit Fly.
  • Continued sprays should be applied per label until all fruit is removed from tree.

apples on tree branch
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Did you know?

County laws in Benton, Franklin, Yakima and Walla Walla counties require that backyard tree fruit growers control pests because they are a potential source of infestation for any nearby commercial orchard. To report an infested fruit tree, please contact us.

Your local Pest Board will pay you to remove your back yard fruit bearing trees!

Just call us for complete information and we’ll give you a certificate redeemable at participating nurseries once the tree is removed. Homeowners must call us BEFORE removing tree. Only specific types of trees qualify for the program. Residential trees only – no commercial orchards.