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Benton-Franklin Master Gardener Volunteer Program


We are connected to Washington State University, and use evidence-based research and best practices to inform our community engagement efforts, educational outreach, and horticultural expertise. We strive to make scientific knowledge understandable and accessible to all and inspire and encourage lifelong learning through continued scientific exploration and discovery.

We are connected to people, and committed to learning, becoming leaders in our communities, and contributing to improving lives. We collaborate and work across geographical and organizational boundaries to create viable and vibrant results.

We are connected to our communities, and their needs drive the work of our program. We are empowered to create change in our communities through educational engagement in alignment with our program priorities.

We are connected to our earth, and strive for stewardship and sustainability through horticultural best practices and a conscientious approach to volunteer work in alignment with our program priorities. We aim to improve not only the lives of the people within our communities, but also the land which sustains us.

Through all, we strive to be accessible and welcoming to all

Learn the history of the WSU Extension Master Gardener Program

7102 W. Okanogan Place, Suite 102, Kennewick, WA 99336

Phone:  509.735.3551    Fax:  509.736.2731