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Business Assets (Inventory)

Business Asset Management

 March 31, 2022

The university work landscape has evolved throughout the pandemic, with employees working on campus, remotely, or on a hybrid arrangement. This can present challenges for tracking university business assets. Units are required to maintain a clear record of assets assigned to employees, regardless of work location.

Assets with a cost of $5,000 or more and assets designated “small and attractive” (e.g., laptops, notebooks, and tablets) must be inventoried and tracked. Tracking items such as monitors, printers, and desk chairs is not required per policy. However, if such items are checked out to employees, units should determine which items to track, to whom assigned, and note physical locations of items with clear expectation for asset return upon employee separation or return to campus work.

Employees with inventory tracking responsibilities must ensure departmental records are kept updated with physical location of each asset. Refer to BPPM 20.50 and applicable Workday Knowledge Base reference guides. Please note that University Accounting is working with Modernization to update Workday coordinating cost centers, additions, deletions, and fund/function combinations. These changes will be uploaded via Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB). Any changes made in Workday by departments BEFORE these EIBs are uploaded, will be replaced by the EIB.

Questions? Contact Property Inventory or the Office of Internal Audit at


Common Spend Categories

  • SC00249 Trackable Passenger Motor Vehicles
  • SC00251 Trackable Boats
  • SC00253 Trackable Other Motor Vehicles
  • SC00254 Trackable Laptops, Tablets, Notebooks
  • SC00255 Trackable Firearms

Workday Procedures

WSU Vehicles