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Meeting Management

Can I Sign a Contract with the Vendor for Space?

Contracts between the University and outside entities requires additional authorization.  A contract is an agreement between two or more parties creating obligations that are enforceable or otherwise recognizable at law.  A proposed contract or transaction that commits University resources of any nature must have a written agreement that is signed by a University officer who has received written delegated authority from the Board of Regents or the President to sign such agreements.

All contracts must be initiated through the CAHNRS Business Center Contract Processing Office.  E-mail all the documents to for processing.  You will need to allow at least 60 days for processing.

Contract Resources

Is the Event Being Held at a Non-State and Non-Public Facility?

WSU employees must give first preference to meeting or conference locations at state or other public (e.g., local government) facilities.  If you are holding your event in a non-governmental facility, you need to fill out a Justification for Use of a Non-State Facility (SAAM Form) and send it for authorization at least 60 days prior to the event.

What About Insurance?

I Want to Serve Meals or Refreshments, What Do I Need to Do?

First of all, find out if the funds you are using allow the purchase of meals or refreshments.  If allowable, review the Conditions for Meals and Light Refreshments.  The meal or refreshments must be essential to the completeness (i.e., an integral part) of an official University meeting or training session, and the purpose of the event must be to conduct official WSU business or to provide formal training.  The meeting must be away from the employee’s regular work place, and the cost per meal (including tax and gratuity) for the final number who attended the meal may not exceed the per diem for that location.

If all of this still applies, fill out a Request to Serve Food and send it to your Administrative Manager at least five days prior to the event to obtain Director approval to serve meals or light refreshments.  Enter or attach a list of participants, indicating each participant’s relationship to the University, e.g., employee, official, or guest (for refreshments, participating organizations or groups can be listed when the number of participants is large or when the names of participants are unknown); provide a brochure or invite that shows the agenda or purpose of the event.

Requesting Reimbursement for Meals

Always arrange for the vendor payment options prior to the event.  Mark employee reimbursement on the Request to Serve Food if you expect personal reimbursement for purchasing the meals or refreshments for the event.  Mark vendor reimbursement if WSU is to pay the vendor directly.

WSU Travel Card:  You can use your University Travel Card to purchase meals for workshop participants in lieu of getting a Purchase Order as long as you complete a Request to Serve Food prior to the event and stay within the per diem rate per participant.  To claim expenses, submit the Request to Serve Food, list of attendees, copy of the agenda/brochure along with your Expense Report in Workday.

Purchasing Card:  A purchasing card may be used to purchase light refreshments and food for meetings.  Light refreshments include nonalcoholic beverages and edible items commonly served between meals, but not intended to substitute for meals, e.g., coffee, soft drinks, doughnuts, sweet rolls, fruit, cheese. A request to serve food and final list of attendees must be attached to an itemized receipt and attached to the P-Card transaction in Workday.  The total amount (all meals, beverages, tax, gratuity, and delivery charges) for meals must be within the per diem rate per participant.

Employee Reimbursement Procedures: If you personally pay for the meals or refreshments, you need to complete a State of Washington Invoice Voucher, include an itemized receipt from the vendor, a final list of attendees, copy of the agenda/brochure, and an explanation why direct vendor payment, WSU Travel Card, or P-Card was not used, and submit the documents with your Expense Report in Workday.

Are You Collecting Money from Your Participants?

If you are collecting money from your participants (and not using a county-based method of accounting), you need to have a WSU Revenue Program account (formerly called a workshop account).  Please review procedures for Cash Handling BPPM 30.53,

Reminder:  If you are not using a WSU account (depositing in county funds), do not have checks made payable to WSU.  You can have the checks made payable to XXX County Extension; just do not include WSU.

WD Record Cash Sale Reference Guide

Speaker Travel and Speaker Fees BPPM 95.25

To issue an honorarium payment to an outside speaker to teach a class, we are required to set the person up as a supplier in Workday.  Please review the workday Reference Guide,  How do I create an Honorarium Payment? 

  1. Check to see if they are currently set up as a supplier. If not, have the individual complete and sign a Form W-9
  2. Initiate the Create Supplier Request in Workday, upload the W9 and all the requested information, specify that the person is not a WSU employee or student in the memo section
  3. Upon notification of approval of the Supplier Request, complete a  State of Washington Invoice Voucher
  4. Send the  State of Washington Invoice Voucher to the speaker to sign in the top right Supplier’s Certification box of the Invoice Voucher
  5. Initiate the Create Supplier Invoice Request, upload the signed State of Washington Invoice Voucher and submit it in Workday.