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Diabetes Awareness Education

Diabetes Prevention Program is Starting Soon!

We are currently looking for participants for the Diabetes Prevention Program – Group Lifestyle Balance (DPP-GLB). Participants need to be at risk for diabetes or be diagnosed with Prediabetes to qualify for this program. Call our staff today to complete a very short Diabetes Risk Assessment Quiz. To register for our next series of classes or for more information contact Cynthia Rosenow at WSU Grant Adams Extension. 509-765-2160 Ext. 4313 or 509754-2011 Ext. 4313.

Diabetes Prevention Program Flyer
Diabetes Risk Assessment Quiz

“Learn more about how you can prevent diabetes…”

Cynthia Rosenow RD, CD
Janelle Todaro RD, CD
509.754.2011 Ext 4313
509.765.2160 Ext 4313

Diabetes Resource Links: