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Community Seed Project

The Seed Library of Jefferson County is pleased to announce the 2022 Community Seed Project.  With this project we hope to improve genetic seed diversity, create a collection of seeds that are better adapted to the local climate and growing environment and inspire a network of gardeners and seed savers to share skills and resources.

Home gardeners usually grow vegetables in numbers too small to maintain the genetic stock of many varieties so we propose that our entire community grow 1 or 2 varieties, save our seed and combine at the end of the growing season.  Over time this process has the potential to build local adaption in these seeds and strengthen our local food systems.

*Maxima Mix*

Seed was originally saved by Katie Miller at Saltwater Seeds at a 2016 squash trial at Nash’s garden in Sequim.

Katie  was working there at the time and harvested many of them before a freeze. She didn’t know which squash were originally planted for the trial, but she guessed Lower Salmon River, Black Forest Kabocha, and a Grey Kabocha. The next year She planted them along with Blue Kuri. She has been selecting for smaller size, nice variety of colors and good flavor ever since.

*Purple Cabbage*

This cabbage was developed by the Organic Seed Alliance.

To grow this plant to seed, plant the cabbage in July. It will takes about year to go to seed.  Tutorials will be provided to you through in-person field trips to the Organic Seed Alliance trial garden located at FinnRiver.

This cabbage will cross with other Brassica oleracea so it will need to be isolated or covered to prevent cross-pollination.

*Sugar Snap Peas*

This snap pea was developed by Oatsplanter Farm in Port Townsend, WA.

Jaydne has been growing this variety for several years at Oatsplanter Farm. She has been selecting for early maturity, taste and high productivity.  It is an early and prolific  producer. It needs full sun, can vine up to 5 feet, and will likely need to be trellised.


CSP Participant Request Form

Use this form to receive more information about the Community Seed Project.

The Seed Library will provide resources and tutorials on line and via Zoom presentations to provide instruction on every phase of the growing and seed saving process.