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Have a small space to work with or soil that is shall we say, not ideal?

Well, have we got a gardening method for you! Using a common hay bale, you too can be the veggie gardener extraordinaire! Follow a few simple steps and voila; you are on your way.

Straw Bale Gardening Brochure (PDF)

What is a straw bale garden?

A straw or hay bale garden is a gardening method used for raising vegetables, herbs, and flowers directly on a bale. Straw or hay bales from alfalfa, wheat, oats, rye, or other cereals are suitable for making a garden bed. Straw bales are preferable over hay because hay bales contain more weed and grass seeds. The bale should be tight and held together with 2-3 strands of plastic baling twine—preferably made from a biodegradable material such as jute and sisal (Figure 1). Biodegradable twines should be positioned parallel to the ground to avoid their hastened decomposition.