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Master Gardener Training

Program Contact: Master Gardener/Recycler Composter Program Coordinator
(360) 740-1216 •

Master Gardener Basic Training

We offer rolling enrollment so you can join the training at any time (except December). And unlike most county programs, we skip the “intern” stage to so you can complete your certification training and hands-on volunteer requirements in the same year!

The delivery format of Master Gardener Volunteer training in Lewis County is a year round program with online access and videos along with once a month face-to-face gatherings and topic-related field trips.

For more information check out the MG website, 360-740-1216 or

Get Started! Get gardening!

The WSU Lewis County Master Gardener Program provides research-based information on home horticulture. WSU Extension trained Volunteers are prepared to help with advice on growing plants, insect identification and managing disease problems.

Certification of  Master Gardener volunteers requires a minimum of 40 hours answering gardening questions in the Plant & Insect Clinics, helping with or presenting educational or youth outreach, working within one or more of the demonstration gardens throughout the County, or supporting the program in other ways.

Our volunteers staff regularly scheduled Plant & Insect Clinics at the WSU Lewis County Extension office as well as in many locations during the gardening season, helping people learn to garden more productively where you can bring your gardening related questions.

Master Gardener Plant & Insect Clinic (PIC) Hours
Monday through Wednesday: 9am – 3pm

NOTE: Depending on volunteer staffing, the PIC may or may not be open during these times. Please call the PIC at (360) 740-1217 before bringing in a sample or be willing to leave your sample or question at the office for the next available volunteer to address.

You can also send your question and PIC-related images to

Lewis County Master Gardeners Foundation webpage:

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