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Monthly Leadership Challenge

Leadership Challenge Instructions

Don’t forget to submit your entries to the 4-H office by the 3rd of the next month! Send a photo of your completed challenge to to be entered into our drawing for prizes at the end of our 4-H year.

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MAY 2021

The Challenge: Read about the 2021 4-H Youth in Action Award Winners and write an essay about what you learned, what inspired you, and how it relates to your experiences in 4-H!

What you need: Writing supplies/computer. Access to the internet.

How to prepare: Go to and read about the 4 youth who won this prestigious award this year. You can also watch the celebration and learn more about what inspired them!

What to do: As you look over their stories and/or watch the award ceremony, think about your experience in 4-H. Draft an essay that details the things you learned about these 4-H’ers, and what inspires you from their stories. How does it relate to your own experiences in 4-H?

Reflection Questions: What is the value of participating in 4-H? Why would someone want to win an award like this? What do you hope to do with the skills you have learned in 4-H?

Entry Requirements:  Look at the current Premium Book for details on photojournalism entries.

Scorecard for 4-H Photojournalism

Monthly Challenge Archive


APRIL 2021

The Challenge: Learn from others! Look at your community and think about who you see that is a leader. Is it someone from your school? Someone from your community groups? From your 4-H club? Maybe it’s an elected official.  When you have your example of a leader make a tribute to them by creating a Photojournalism Entry, a Poster, or other display communicating to your audience who the leader you selected is and what they do that makes you admire them as a leader.

What you need: Writing supplies. A camera if making a photojournalism entry, poster board, and art supplies if making a poster, and additional craft supplies like markers, tape, glue, colored paper for other types of displays.

How to prepare: Think about who you know that is a leader and what makes them a good leader. Make a list of the words that you would use to describe this person. You could interview other people who know this person and ask them why they think the person you chose is a good leader.

What to do: Talk to your chosen leader and ask to take a photo of them and then create a photojournalism entry.  You will take a photo, caption it, and mount the photo on a white mat or poster board. You should caption with information on “who, what, when, where, and why”.

Reflection Questions: What makes someone a good leader? How do you think they learned those skills or traits? Are there more people in your life that are leaders? Do you serve as a leader ever? How could you step up and be a leader in your club or classroom?

Entry Requirements:  Look at the current Premium Book for details on photojournalism entries.

Scorecard for 4-H Photojournalism


MARCH 2021

The Challenge: Connect with a fellow club member virtually or over the phone and complete the Dynamic Duo questionnaire to get to know each other better! Take a picture of yourself with the completed questionnaire. 

What you need: A fellow club member, a method of communication (phone, tablet, or computer), the Dynamic Duo Questionnaire, and something to write with.

How to prepare: Download the Dynamic Duo worksheet. Think about all of the members in your 4-H club, and choose someone that you don’t know very well. Contact them and set up a time to complete the activity.

What to do: Use the questions on the handout to guide your interview, and then switch so they can get to know you better too. Record their answers on the handout, and then snap a picture of yourself with the completed questionnaire to submit to the 4-H office. 

Reflection Questions: What are some ways you can connect with your interview buddy in the coming months? How do activities like these build a sense of belonging? What else would you like to know about the other person? Why is connection important, especially during a pandemic?

Dynamic Duo Questionnaire (PDF)

Activity adapted from “4-H DD’s (Dynamic Duos)” of “Communication Activities for 4-H Clubs and Other Youth Groups,” COMMO7, 4-H Youth Development Building Bridges Curriculum, Department of 4-H Youth Development, UW-Extension.