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4-H News

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4-H is a happening place! We want you to know about events, activities, and other 4-H related news as they happen, whether they be at the local, state, national, or international level. We recommend checking this page regularly for all of the important details you need to know! We hope you’ll share this information with friends and family, and let us know if you have something we can share with other 4-H’ers in our county.


Clover Report – Holiday Edition



See what’s happening with 4-H in Skamania County this month! Download the Holiday Clover Report (PDF )


Each month, the 4-H office sends out a newsletter to all enrolled 4-H families and volunteers. These newsletters, called the “Clover Report” focus on sharing County, Regional (Clark, Skamania, Klickitat), State, and National 4-H News, as well as important deadlines, events, and updates. Notification that the newsletter is available for viewing will be sent through 4HOnline and posted on Facebook, and the full document will always be available right here for you to download and view.

These newsletters are one of the best methods the 4-H office has to communicate important information to you. We welcome reports from your clubs to include in these newsletters, whether it be awesome deeds your 4-H’ers are doing, help they are looking for, or just a great story or photo worth sharing. Email them to

Thank you for reading!

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