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4-H Mentoring Program

4-H National Mentoring Program

What is the Mentoring Program?

The 4-H National Mentoring Program is grant-funded program designed to give teens and elementary-aged children support through partnerships with people who are older than they are in informal settings. The benefits of mentoring relationships for teens and young children is invaluable, especially in a time of uncertainty and isolation. This program will allow local teens and children the chance to connect with adults who care about them, their happiness, and their success.

We are so excited to be able to bring this program to Skamania County, and we are grateful for the funding from the National 4-H Council and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.


Youth in Grades K-5

How does it work?

Registered youth in grades K-5 will be matched with teen mentors and an adult volunteer who will guide them through fun monthly activities and provide them with support in any areas needed. Youth will meet with their mentors for approximately 4 hours per month (virtually to start). Family nights will also take place every other month where the whole family can get in on the fun!

What do we need?

In order to participate, families need to complete the registration form by the deadline. Spots are limited, and families are asked to commit to participate in scheduled mentoring activities from the time of registration through April 2021. For virtual mentoring activities, an internet connection and internet-capable device will be necessary, and accommodations can be made for those without reliable access.

How do we register?

Click on the red button below to be taken to the digital registration form. Registration is open until all spots are filled. A PDF version of the registration form is also available for download below. These can be emailed to

Youth Registration (K-5th)

Download a PDF of the Mentoring Family Registration to email in!

Teens in Grades 6-12

How does it work?

Teens will have two roles in the Youth Mentoring Program; being a mentee and a mentor. Being a mentee means that you will be partnered with an adult mentor to support your learning in various topics and how to be a good mentor to others. You’ll get to practice those skills by providing mentoring to the younger children you are paired with through monthly activities and team building exercises. Teens can choose which mentoring track they are interested in: Forestry/Forest Youth Success, Health & Nutrition, Leadership & Civic Engagement. All teens will receive training, and support with developing important life skills.

What are the requirements?

Teen and Junior Teen Mentors are a very important part of this program! To participate successfully, you will need the following:

  • Mentors should be in grades 6-12
  • Mentors should be able to attend a virtual training
  • Mentors should have an interest in learning new skills
  • Mentors should be willing to work with younger children
  • Mentors should be available 4-8 hours a month

*While not required, access to an internet capable device and a reliable internet connection is helpful. Accommodations may be available if needed!

*Please note all mentors will be required to be fingerprinted by the Skamania Sheriff’s office for our background screening

How do I apply?

The application can be completed online by clicking on the red button below. You can also download the PDF application and email it to

Teen Application (6th-12th)

Download the full Teen Mentor Position Description.

Download a PDF of the Teen Mentor Application to fill out and email in!

Adult Volunteers

How does it work?

Adult volunteers will be matched with teens to support their learning in topics that are interesting to them and their mentoring of younger children. Some of the topics teens can choose from include forestry, health and nutrition, leadership, civic engagement, and life skills. Each adult will oversee a small group (“pod”) containing 1-2 teen mentors and 2-4 youth mentees. Mentoring will take place monthly from time of registration through April 2021 and all volunteers will be screened and trained, with additional support provided by the 4-H office.

What are the requirements?

For Adult Mentors, the following is required:

  • Complete an application 
  • Pass a reference check and a fingerprint background check performed by the Skamania County Sheriff’s office before interacting with mentees
  • Access to internet capable device and webcam, some experience and familiarity with Zoom is a bonus
  • Attend approximately 5 hours of training on child safety and best practices for providing mentoring
  • Commitment to participate until the end of the program (April 2021)

How do I apply?

The application can be completed online by clicking on the red button below. You can also download the PDF application and email it to

Adult Volunteer Application

Download the full Adult Mentor Position Description for all of the details.
Download a PDF of the Adult Volunteer Application to fill out and email in!




For questions about this program, or for help with registration please contact our 4-H Mentoring Program Coordinator.

Phoebe Jud

WSU Extension programs, employment, and volunteer services are available to all without discrimination (See WSU Executive Policy #15). Concerns regarding potential discrimination may be reported through your local Extension office or directly to the WSU Office of Civil Right Compliance & Investigation (CRCI), web:, email:, phone: 509-335-8288. Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication or program information or reasonable accommodation should contact Somer Meade at at least two weeks prior to the event.