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4-H Youth Development Program – Skamania County

Welcome to Skamania County 4-H!

4-H is the youth development education program of Washington State University Extension, which is conducted jointly by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, your state land grant university (WSU) and Skamania County. As the largest youth development organization in Washington, 4-H reaches nearly 80,000 young people. The 4-H Youth Development Program helps young people and adults put knowledge to work in all of Washington’s 39 counties, cities and towns. In the 21st century, 4-H serves a broad clientele with an expanded program using a variety of ways to “learn by doing.”

4-H teaches life skills that lead young people to become self-directing, positive, contributing members of our society. These life skills include positive self-esteem, effective communication, a sense of responsibility to oneself and one’s community, sound decision making and a strong sense of belonging. These skills give young people the tools necessary for successful adulthood. The 4-H mission is reached through a number of delivery methods that relate to the total concept of youth development.

4-H club work has something for everyone – more than 140 projects from which to choose! Membership in Stevens County clubs is open to children ages 5 to 19. Traditional clubs are organized and managed by volunteer adult leaders who work with the WSU County Extension Office to teach life skills education through 4-H project work. Learning life skills helps club members become competent, contributing adults. You can find out more about clubs in Skamania County by contacting the 4-H office.

Clubs are located in all parts of the county to make membership convenient. Enrollment in 4-H occurs annually from October 1st through April 30.  The results of 4-H project work are frequently seen at the County Fair in August of every year.

4-H Logos

Our Mission: Positive Youth Development

We seek to help young people grow into responsible, contributing citizens. To reach this goal, 4-H has developed educational materials that emphasize the development of life skills in young people through fun, hands-on projects. The 4-H educational materials are developed by education specialists, and updated approximately every five years to keep the content fresh and relevant. Each leader and member manual is full of directions for fun, hands-on activities that, at the same time, teach critical life skills.

Who can join 4-H?

4-H is open to every youth, ages 5-19, without discrimination!

There are four age groups* in which you can do a wide variety of projects and activities:

  • Cloverbuds: ages 5-7
  • Junior: ages 8-10
  • Intermediate: ages 11-13
  • Senior: ages 14 to less than 19 

*Shooting sports and large animal projects require youth to be at least 8 years of age on October 1st to participate.

How to Join 4-H

You can join 4-H in a few easy steps:

  • Find a Club:
    • Find a club that offers leadership in a project you’re interested in. Contact the extension office to find a club or start your own.
  • Decide on a Project:
    • There are numerous different project opportunities for 4-H members to participate in and with self-determined projects. Find the list of projects HERE.
  • Enroll in 4-H online:
    • Access the website HERE to enroll online.
  • Get involved and HAVE FUN!

Need help? Please contact the extension office or take a look at this enrollment guide.

Please Visit or Contact Us!

We warmly welcome you to Skamania County 4-H! Whether you are new to the Clover or already part of the 4-H family, we hope that you’ll find what you’re looking for on our website. If not, please email or call the extension office in Stevenson.

WSU Skamania County Extension Office:
Office Phone: 509-427-3932

P.O. Box 369 (mailing)
710 SW Rock Creek Drive (street)
Stevenson, WA 98648-0790
Find us on Google Maps.

Somer Meade | 4-H Program Coordinator
Phone: (509) 427-3932

Missy McElprang | Regional Specialist, 4-H Youth Development 
Phone: (509) 427-3932

4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization. We reach out to kids and their families to build skills for real life. WSU 4-H Youth Development is committed to providing safe and inclusive environments for all youth and adults regardless of race; sex; gender; sexual orientation; gender identity/expression; religion; age; color; creed; national or ethnic origin; citizenship; physical, mental, or sensory ability; genetic information; and/or status as an honorably discharged veteran or member of the military.

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