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4-H Resources

Program Contact: 4-H Program
(509) 427-3932 •

4HOnline Enrollment Help:

4-H Families,
If you intend to pay electronically via card when you are enrolling in 4-H this year please view the video below.

4HOnline Enrollment Guide

Selecting Your Role in 4HOnline pdf


Becoming a 4-H Volunteer:

  1. Submit a Skamania New Volunteer Application complete with three references.
  2. Undergo a WashingtonState Patrol Criminal History Record Information check and a personal reference check.
  3. Complete Required WSU Trainings
  4. Participate in an in-person interview with 4-H Program Coordinator.
  5. Be approved for training by 4-H Faculty.
  6. Attend New Volunteer Orientation (required for all volunteers who have not previously completed an orientation training with 4-H Staff).
  7. Serve a two-year probationary period.


Leader Resources:

Leader’s Council Funds Request Form – Word

Leader’s Council Funds Request Form – PDF

4-H Name and Emblem Usage Guide

4-H Contract Information Sheet & The Importance of Club Planning

Supporting Healthy Competition Handout

Sportsmanship Recommended Resources

How to Manage Your 4-H Club in 4HOnline

4-H Experience Survey for Youth Online

4-H Experience Survey PDF

4-H Experience Survey WORD

Volunteer Resources:

Why Report Your Volunteer Hours – help guide to reporting volunteer hours

Quick Guide to the Volunteer Hours Database (With Pictures!)

Log your volunteer hours at

State 4-H Fair County Coordinator Volunteer Job Description


Club Resources:

4-H Secretary Packet 

4-H Club Treasurers Handbook

4-H Club Treasurers Handbook Leaders Guide


New Year Packets

Each of these forms are due to the 4-H Office on December 1st, 2017.

4-H Graduate Survey for 2016-2017
Please complete and submit even if you did not have any graduating members in 2016.

4-H Graduate Survey PDF

Financial Reporting Form
Even if your club does not have a bank account we need to hear from you.

Year End Report Form

Year End Report Form PDF

Annual Club Plan Form WORD

Annual Club Plan Form PDF

Club Treasurer’s Guide to Handling Club Finances – Club Financial Summary Report etc.