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4-H Leader Resources

Program Contact: 4-H Program
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Previous Year's Kick Off Resources

End of Year Paperwork

This year, all of the paperwork has been combined into a single form. You can choose from a fillable PDF or complete the digital form. If you would like hard copies mailed to you, contact the 4-H office. As a reminder, New Year paperwork is due DECEMBER 1st, 2021. 

Fillable PDF File: End of Year Paperwork _ 2021

Click here to view the Online Form 

If you choose to complete the Online Form be prepared to complete this in one sitting.  There is no saving and returning to the form.  Be prepared by viewing the PDF of the paperwork and gathering your club financials to know your

    • Starting Account Balance in October of 2020
    • Total Combined Income from the 4-H Year
    • Total Combined Expenses from the 4-H Year
    • Ending Account Balances as of September 2021

Project Area Selection
Select what project areas your club will offer this upcoming year. Please only select projects that have a dedicated project leader.

Word Doc Files from 2019 (for reference): 

4-H Graduates Leader Survey

Financial Summary Report 2019

Year End Report Form 2019 

Annual Club Plan Form 

Additional Resources:

Club Charter Application

Club Treasurer’s Guide to Handling Club Finances – Club Financial Summary Report etc.