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Coronavirus COVID-19

We are open to clients. If you plan to visit our facility and are not fully vaccinated, we ask that you wear a face covering and maintain appropriate distance. (You are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the final vaccine in the series.)

Small Animals

4-H Dog Resources

Fun Dog Careers

Being a Military Veterinarian
Sniffer dogs help hunt down invasive snail species!
And an invasive ant species!

4-H Cat Resources

4-H Rabbit Resources

National Curriculum

National Curriculum offers three books for grades 3-12 which covers topics such as breeds, fitting and showing skills, and how to develop a breeding program and keep your rabbits healthy. There is also a guide for helpers of rabbit projects.

WSU Publications

WSU Curriculum offers a variety of resources for rabbit projects, including leaders guides, judging resources and health records.

Find  WSU State 4-H Record Book Resources here

A Couple of websites filled with resources are: and 

Poultry Project Resources

National  4-H Poultry Curriculum

WSU 4-H Poultry Resources

WSU Poultry Publications

Educational Poultry Webinars

General Projects Resources

Making an informational Poster

Record Books

4-H Record Book, Level 1

4-H Record Book, Level 2

Publications & Projects

4-H Publications useful for clubs (officers, ceremonies) as well as all of the project publications are listed in the publication “4-H Projects and Publications”, EM2778, which is available free of charge from the 4-H office or online.

Additional publications at the 4-H office can be viewed. You are welcome to make an appointment to look at them.

Publications are ordered each Friday before noon for delivery the next week (usually by Wednesday). Please email or mail your order to Spokane County 4-H, 222 N Havana, Spokane WA 99202.

Please click on a project area you are interested in for a listing of the publications available for each project.