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Face masks are no longer required in our facility. Please feel free to wear a mask if you are more comfortable doing so.

Become a 4-H Volunteer

Thank you for expressing an interest in becoming a 4-H volunteer. The following will help you realize this goal using all online resources. We do encourage those that are able to consider participating in the face-to-face trainings as an alternative to completing the online modules and online child and vulnerable adult safety presentation (even if your goal is “activity leader”). Face-to-Face training provides a much richer introduction to 4-H as we conduct it in Spokane County.

See our “Calendar of Events” at for the next scheduled training. For more information on this option, you may also contact Gary Varrella at (509-477-2163).


Online Volunteer Training – To Become an Activity Leader


Step 1: Navigate to

This will take you to a page that contains links to three volunteer classes:

  • WSU Put the Child First
  • Washington State 4-H Financial Management (only necessary to complete if you are a 4-H Club Leader, or serving as a 4-H Treasurer)
  • Washington 4-H Volunteer Orientation Modules
Step 2: Log in or create an account.

Click the “Logon” button at the top right portion of the page. If you already have a account, you will be prompted to login. If not, the right-hand side of the page indicates how to establish an account. If you are creating an account, be sure to check your e-mail and confirm your account.

Afterwards, you should be taken back to the screen with all the extension classes listed.

Click on “4-H & Youth”

Select “Washington” off the list.

Step 3: Enter enrollment key.

To access each class, you will be asked for an enrollment key. Spokane’s is as follows for each class:

WSU Put the Child First: SPOKANE4H

Washington State 4-H Financial Management AND Washington 4-H Volunteer Orientation Modules: SPOKANE

Step 4: Register through 4-H Online

Register Here

If you are new to 4-H online, select “I need to set up a profile” then create a login.

Step 5: Complete letters of recommendation

The fillable PDF version is below: PDF

Letters of Recommendation ⇒ for every new volunteer ⇐ 

Instructions on completing letters of recommendations are included with each file.

Step 6: Confirm with the 4-H Team that your enrollment is complete, and complete your background check.

Reach out to Bob Kestell ( 509-477-2160) confirming steps 1 through 5 are completed.

Bob will send you the link for our state required volunteer background check managed by Sterling.

Complete that background–which takes approximately 5-to-6 minutes—and you have completed the volunteer enrollment process

**Note: Background checks are good for 2 years.


Questions? Please contact:

Bob Kestell – Extension Office Assistant,, 509.477.2160

Kate McCloskey – 4-H Horse Program Coordinator,, 509.477.2165

Jennifer Fees –  Nutrition Education, General Projects, Small Animal Program Coordinator,, 509.477.2199

Gary Varrella – WSU Spokane County Extension Director & 4-H Educator,, 509.477.2163