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Become a Spokane County Master Gardener

Program Contact: Jackie Sykes, Master Gardener Plant Clinic Coordinator

We are no longer accepting applications for Master Gardener Training 2024. Return to this page in June of 2024 for information about the 2025 Master Gardener Program.


Training—What Is Involved:

  • Attending in classroom sessions combined with on-line training modules developed by WSU, Master Gardener trainees are educated in sustainable horticulture practices and diagnostic skills.
  • Online training* can be accessed and completed from any computer with an internet connection.  Trainees will be expected to complete all training modules, the quizzes and final exam.
  • A series of classroom sessions, will provide additional instruction, topic discussions, and various hands-on activities.  Trainees will be expected to attend scheduled onsite classes** as well as an orientation session before working their first volunteer hours.

*It is necessary to have basic computer skills and the ability to regularly communicate by email.

** The 2024 class will be on Thursdays, January through April from 3pm—9pm (including an hour meal break).

Becoming a Master Gardener in Spokane County involves

  • completing the Application for Master Gardener Training
  • interviewing and being accepted for training
  • completing an extensive horticulture training program ($200)***
  • completing WSU on-line training program ($75)
  • volunteering 40 hours or more each year

Steps in the MASTER GARDENER Application Process

  • Step 1 – print the Application for Master Gardener Training (see below)
  • Step 2 – Submit your completed Master Gardener Application Form
    • Applications are processed in the fall of the year prior to training. Applications are accepted from April through October 31. Spokane County has an October 31 application deadline (or the last weekday of October where the 31st is a weekend).
    • The application form asks for background information on gardening and volunteer experiences, general availability for volunteer work (used by program coordinators to help connect volunteers with projects), and complete contact information for three references. Print, complete, and mail application to the address below:
      • WSU Extension, Spokane County Master Gardener Program
        222 N Havana, #205
        Spokane, WA  99202-4799
    • Attend our winter training (each Thursday January-April)
  • Step 3 – Background check – Washington State University is legally mandated to conduct criminal background screenings on volunteers who through community outreach will have unsupervised access to children under the age of 16, developmentally disabled persons, or vulnerable adults. WSU has contracted with Sterling Volunteers (formerly Verified Volunteers) to provide nationwide screening for all WSU volunteers. A criminal record or poor driving record does not bar you as a volunteer, but will be considered as it relates to the specifics of the volunteer position.
  • Step 4 – Preliminary screening will be from information on the application form. Primary considerations are based on:
    • Interest in volunteer work
    • Availability for volunteer work
    • People skills (i.e., ability to assist Extension in horticulture educational efforts)
    • Gardening experience
    • Staff will email (preferred) or USPS mail confidential reference letters to the references listed on the application. At least two must be returned before the applicant can be accepted into the Master Gardener program.
  • Step 5 – Interview – All applicants must attend an informal interview which gives applicants the opportunity to learn more about the Master Gardener Program and ask questions about training and volunteer work.
  • Step 6 – Applicants will be advised if they were selected for the Master Gardener Program.


Extension programs and policies are consistent with federal and state laws and regulations on nondiscrimination regarding race; sex/gender; sexual orientation; gender identity/expression; religion; age; color; creed; national or ethnic origin; physical, mental, or sensory disability, including disability requiring the use of a trained service animal; marital status, genetic information, and/or status as an honorably discharged veteran or member of the military. Report concerns to, 509-335-8288, or your local Extension office.

Students requesting accommodations should directly contact the WSU Extension Spokane County, phone 509-477-2160 or email

If you have questions you can contact the Spokane County Master Gardener Clinic Coordinator.

*** please contact us if you would like to apply for a partial scholarship or tuition payment plans.