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Program Contact: Spokane County Master Gardeners
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Pub. #TitleCategoriesDate
C001Amaryllis (PDF)Bulbs, Flowers2020
C002Annual Flowers (PDF)Annuals, Flowers2020
C004Drought Tolerant / Waterwise / Xeriscaping Index (PDF)Basic Gardening2016
C005Apple Varieties (PDF)Apples, Trees & Shrubs, Fruit2020
C007Tuberous Begonias (PDF)Annuals, Flowers2021
C008Blueberries (PDF)Berries, Fruit2021
C010Bulbs for the Inland Northwest (PDF)Bulbs, Flowers2021
C017Blueberry Cultivars (PDF)Berries, Fruit2021
C018Clematis (PDF)Perennials, Flowers2021
C020Container Gardening (PDF)Basic Gardening, Flowers & Landscaping, Vegetables & Herbs2021
C021Container Vegetables (PDF)Vegetables & Herbs2021
C022Drought Garden (PDF)Native & Drought-Tolerant Plants2007
C025Currants & Gooseberries (PDF)Berries, Fruit2021
C026Dahlias (PDF)Bulbs, Flowers2021
C029Growing Chart for Annuals (PDF)Annuals, Flowers2021
C031Fruit Tree Varieties (PDF)Trees, Fruit2021
C032Black Walnut Toxicity (PDF)Trees2021
C036Ferns (PDF)Perennials2020
C037Filbert Culture (Hazelnuts) (PDF)Nuts, Trees & Shrubs2021
C039The Birren System for Outdoor Color (PDF)Basic Gardening, Flowers & Landscaping2021
C040Spray Schedule for Walnut (PDF)Pests, Trees & Shrubs, Nuts2023
C041Spray Schedule for Apple (PDF)Fruit, Trees & Shrubs, Pests2023
C042Spray Schedule for Cherry (PDF)Fruit, Trees & Shrubs, Pests2023
C043Spray Schedule for Peach/Nectarine/Apricot (PDF)Fruit, Trees & Shrubs, Pests2023
C044Spray Schedule for Pear (PDF)Fruit, Trees & Shrubs, Pests2023
C045Spray Schedule for Plum/Prune (PDF)Fruit, Trees & Shrubs, Pests2023
C046Fuchsias (PDF)Annuals, Flowers2021
C048Geraniums (PDF)Annuals, Flowers2016
C049Gladiolus (PDF)Flowers2016
C051Pruning & Training Grapes (PDF)Fruit2021
C052Harvesting and Drying Gourds (PDF)Vegetables & Herbs2022
C053Growing Grapes in the Inland Northwest (PDF)Fruit2021
C054Turf Grasses for the Inland Northwest (PDF)Lawns & Groundcovers2021
C057Groundcovers (PDF)Lawns & Groundcovers2020
C059Grass Cycling (PDF)Lawns & Groundcovers2023
C060Common Herbs (PDF) Vegetables & Herbs2020
C061Winter Holiday Gift Plants (PDF)Houseplants2021
C062Houseplant Cuttings (PDF)Houseplants, Propagation2021
C063Deer Resistant Plants (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping2021
C064What Can Go Wrong with Houseplants (PDF)Houseplants2016
C065Establishing a New Lawn (PDF)Lawns & Groundcovers2017
C067Lawn Care Basics (PDF)Lawns & Groundcovers2017
C068Lawn Renovation (PDF)Lawns & Groundcovers2021
C069Worksaving Tips for Lawns (PDF)Lawns & Groundcovers2021
C071Lilacs (PDF)Perennials, Flowers2021
C075 Mulches (PDF)Soil & Mulches2015
C079Landscaping with Native Plants (PDF)Native & Drought-Tolerant Plants2021
C080Ornamental Grasses (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping2021
C081Landscaping a Drain Field (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping2024
C082The Meaning of Botanical NamesBasic Gardening2005
C083Preparing Samples for Identification or Diagnosis (PDF)Basic Gardening2022
C084Inland Northwest Certified Arborists (PDF)Trees2022
C090Peonies (PDF)Perennials, Flowers2015
C092Deep Watering of Trees (PDF)Trees & Shrubs2022
C093Preparing Perennials for Winter (PDF)Perennials, Flowers & Landscaping2021
C094Poisonous Plants and Your Pets (PDF)Basic Gardening, Houseplants, Flowers & Landscaping2020
C096Tree Planting Pointers (PDF)Trees & Shrubs2021
C100Planting Trees and Shrubs (PDF) Trees & Shrubs2015
C101Propagating Perennials (PDF)Perennials, Flowers & Landscaping2017
C102Annual Flowers Seeding Schedule (PDF)Annuals, Flowers2020
C103Vegetable Seeding Schedule (PDF)Vegetables & Herbs2020
C104Seed Starting (PDF)Vegetables & Herbs, Basic Gardening2020
C105 Pollination of Fruit Trees (PDF)Trees, Fruit2023
C108Planting Bare Root Trees (PDF)Trees & Shrubs2017
C110Pruning Deciduous Shrubs (PDF)Trees & Shrubs2021
C111Pruning Evergreens (PDF)Trees & Shrubs2021
C113Pruning Tips - Timing (PDF)Trees & Shrubs2008
C114Tree Decline (PDF)Trees & Shrubs2015
C116Raspberries (PDF)Fruit, Nuts, & Berries2021
C117Rhododendrons (PDF)Prennials, Flowers2016
C118Tree Care (PDF)Trees & Shrubs2021
C119Rhubarb (PDF)Vegetables & Herbs2023
C120Rock Garden and Edging Perennials (PDF)Perennials, Flowers & Landscaping2015
C122Roses for the Inland Northwest (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping2020
C123Rose Culture (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping2021
C124Climbing Roses (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping2021
C125Winterizing Roses (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping2021
C128Growing Plants in Shade (PDF)Perennials, Flowers & Landscaping2021
C130Soil Amendments (PDF)Soil & Mulches2021
C131Soil Testing Laboratories (PDF)Soil & Mulches2015
C132Spacing of Landscape Plants (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping2015
C133Strawberry Cultivars for the Inland Northwest (PDF)Fruit, Nuts, & Berries2021
C135Growing Strawberries in the Inland Northwest (PDF)Fruit, Nuts, & Berries2021
C137Tree Surface Roots (PDF)Trees & Shrubs2021
C140Vines and Twining Climbers (PDF)Basic Gardening2024
C141Vegetable Fertilizer Guide (PDF)Vegetables & Herbs2015
C146Vegetable Gardening (PDF)Vegetables & Herbs2012
C148Why Blossoms of Some Vegetables Fail to Set Fruit (PDF)Vegetables & Herbs2024
C149When are Vegetables Ripe? (PDF)Basic Gardening, Vegetables & Herbs2015
C153Weedy Grasses (PDF)Lawns & Groundcovers2023
C155Winterizing Your Yard (PDF)Lawns & Groundcovers, Basic Gardening2020
C158Rose Cultivars and Disease Resistance (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping2020
C159Harvesting Herbs (PDF)Vegetables & Herbs2020
C160Rose Problems (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping2020
C162Aggressive/Invasive Plants (PDF)Basic Gardening, Perennials2020
C163Christmas Tree and Holly Care (PDF)Houseplants2021
C165Forcing Bulbs and Flowering Branches (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping2015
C166Seed Saving (PDF)Basic Gardening, Propagation2015
C167Miniatures Roses (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping2005
C176The Spokane Aquifer (PDF)Basic Gardening2020
C177Beneficial Insects (PDF)Basic Gardening2020
C180Organic Fertilizers (PDF)Basic Gardening2021
C181Soil Erosion by Water (PDF)Soil & Mulches2020
C186Perennials for Shady Areas (PDF)Perennials, Flowers & Landscaping2022
C187Row Covers (PDF)Vegetables & Herbs2022
C188Seasonal Jobs in the Garden (PDF)Perennials, Flowers & Landscaping, Basic Gardening2020
C189Dividing Perennials (PDF)Perennials, Flowers & Landscaping, Propagation2015
C193Grasses for Unwatered Areas (PDF)Lawns & Groundcovers2017
C194 Lawn Substitutes (PDF)Lawns & Groundcovers2015
C195Integrated Pest Management (IPM) (PDF)Pests, Basic Gardening2009
C196Naturalizing a Landscape (PDF)Basic Gardening, Lawns & Groundcovers2020
C198Landscaping by a Lake, River, or Stream (PDF)Basic Gardening, Flowers & Landscaping2016
C200Drought Tolerant Annuals (PDF)Annuals, Flowers & Landscaping, Native & Drought-Tolerant Plants2016
C202Drought Tolerant Perennials and Groundcovers (PDF)Perennials, Flowers & Landscaping, Native & Drought-Tolerant Plants2020
C204Drought Tolerant Shrubs (PDF)Trees & Shrubs, Native & Drought-Tolerant Plants2020
C205Drought Tolerant Trees (PDF)Trees & Shrubs, Native & Drought-Tolerant Plants2023
C206Native Conifer Trees (PDF)Trees & Shrubs, Native & Drought-Tolerant Plants2020
C209Native Shrubs Over 6 ft (PDF) Trees & Shrubs, Native & Drought-Tolerant Plants2020
C210Native Shrubs Under 6 ft (PDF)Trees & Shrubs, Native & Drought-Tolerant Plants2020
C211Native Ground Covers, Vines, and Wildflowers (PDF) Native & Drought-Tolerant Plants, Lawns & Groundcovers, Flowers & Landscaping2020
C213Spring Holiday Gift Plants (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping, Houseplants2017
C220Soil Testing Options (PDF)Soil & Mulches2018
C221Easy DIY Soil Tests (PDF)Soil & Mulches2018
C222Nutrient Soil Testing (PDF)Soil & Mulches2018
C223Environmental Soil Testing (PDF)Soil & Mulches2018
C224Biologic Soil Testing (PDF)Soil & Mulches2018
C225Advanced Soil Testing (PDF)Soil & Mulches2018
C226Planting Perennials from Pot to Ground (PDF)Perennials, Flowers & Landscaping2020
C227Gardening for Butterflies and Moths (PDF)Flowers & Landscaping2020
C228Gardening olr Hummingbirds (PDF)Pollinators, Flowers & Landscaping2021
C229Hummingbird Friendly Plant List (PDF)Pollinators, Flowers & Landscaping2020
FS181EHow to Determine your Garden MicroclimateBasic Gardening2015
EM063EA Home Gardener's Guide to Soils and FertilizersSoil & Mulches2020
FS269EA Gardener's Primer to MycorrhizaeBasic Gardening2017
FS300EAre Native Trees and Shrubs Better Choices for Wildlife in Home Landscapes?Native & Drought-Tolerant Plants2018
EB1784EBackyard CompostingBasic Gardening2017
EM067EBeneficial Insects, Spiders, and Mites in Your GardenBasic Gardening2014
MISC253EBerries for the Inland NorthwestFruit, Trees & Shrubs2004
FS147EBiochar: A Gardener's PrimerBasic Gardening2014
PNW656Blueberry Cultivars for the Pacific NorthwestFruit, Trees & Shrubs2024
FS120ECodling Moth and Your Backyard Fruit TreeFruit, Trees & Shrubs2013
FS326ECornmeal and Corn Gluten Meal Applications in Gardens and LandscapesBasic Gardening2019
FS117ECover Crops for Home Gardens East of the CascadesLawns & Groundcovers2014
FS325EDo Black Walnut Trees Have Allelopathic Effects on Other Plants?Trees & Shrubs2019
FS030EDrip Irrigation for the Yard and GardenBasic Gardening2011
EM087EDrought Tolerant Landscapes for Washington StateNative & Drought-Tolerant Plants2015
FS167EDust Mulch Efficacy in Gardens and LandscapesSoil & Mulches2021
FS196EEnvironmental Injury: Cold Temperature Injury of Landscape Woody OrnamentalsTrees & Shrubs2016
FS199EEnvironmental Injury: Frost CracksTrees & Shrubs2016
FS197EEnvironmental Injury: Sunscald and Sunburn on TreesTrees & Shrubs2016
FS239EEnvironmental Injury: Winterburn of EvergreensTrees & Shrubs2016
FS308EEpsom Salt Use in Home Gardens and LandscapesFlowers & Landscapes, Soil & Mulches2018
FS200EFine Fescues for Home Lawns in WashingtonLawns & Groundcovers2016
PNW590Fire-Resistant Plants for Home LandscapesFlowers & Landscaping
MISC545EGardening for Life: A Guide to Garden Adaptations for Gardeners of All Ages and AbilitiesBasic Gardening2005
MISC0304Gardening in the Inland NorthwestBasic Gardening
EM128EGardening with Companion PlantsBasic Gardening2023
FS258EGrains: Growing Quinoa in Home GardensBasic Gardening2017
FS118EGrowing Carrots in the Home GardenVegetables & Herbs2013
FS096EGrowing Cucumbers in Home GardensVegetables & Herbs2013
FS149EGrowing Eggplant in Home GardensVegetables & Herbs2014
EM2869EGrowing Flowers from BulbsFlowers & Landscaping2015
FS115EGrowing Food in Parking Strip and Front Yard GardensVegetables & Herbs2019
FS116EGrowing Green Peas in the Home GardenVegetables & Herbs2013
PNW507Growing KiwifruitFruit, Trees & Shrubs2021
FS097EGrowing Onions in Home GardensVegetables & Herbs2013
FS165EGrowing Potatoes in Home GardensVegetables & Herbs2015
FS127EGrowing Radish in Home GardensVegetables & Herbs2015
FS164EGrowing Roses in Washington: A Seasonal CalendarFlowers & Landscaping2015
FS246EGrowing Roses in Washington State: Common Disease and Insect ProblemsFlowers & Landscaping, Pests2016
FS166EGrowing Roses in Washington State: Planting RosesFlowers & Landscaping2015
EM103EGrowing Small Fruits in the Home GardenFruit, Trees & Shrubs2015
FS087EGrowing Squash in Home GardensVegetables & Herbs2013
FS104EGrowing Sweet Corn in Home GardensVegetables & Herbs2013
FS145EGrowing Tomatoes in Home GardensVegetables & Herbs2014
PNW605Growing Wasabi in the Pacific NorthwestVegetables & Herbs2019
FS307EGypsum Use in Home Gardens and LandscapesBasic Gardening2018
FS324EGarden Fertilizer CalculatorBasic Gardening2019
EB0482EHome LawnsLawns & Groundcovers2015
FS182EReasons to Prune Trees and Shrubs in Home GardensTrees & Shrubs2015
EM057EHome Vegetable Gardening in WashingtonVegetables & Herbs2013
FS309EHow Are Hydrangea Flower Colors Determined?Flowers & Landscaping2018
FS089EHow to Install a Floating Row CoverBasic Gardening2012
FS283EHugelkulturBasic Gardening2022
EM091Identifying, Treating, and Avoiding Azalea and Rhododendron ProblemsFlowers & Landscaping, Trees & Shrubs
FS098EKentucky Bluegrass for Use in Home Lawns in WashingtonLawns & Groundcovers2012
FS268ELady Beetles: Should We Buy Them for Our Gardens?Insects, Basic Gardening2023
MISC0267Landscaping with Native Plants in the Inland NorthwestNative & Drought-Tolerant Plants2010
FS119EMethods for Successful Cover Crop Management in Your Home GardenLawns & Groundcovers2014
FS146EMole Management in Washington BackyardsPests & Problems2014
FS128EOrganic Fungicides for the Home GardenerPests & Problems2014
PNW640Organic Management of Flea BeetlesPests & Problems2012
EM066EOrganic Pest Management in Backyard Fruit Trees and Berry PatchesPests & Problems2013
FS123EOrganic Soil Amendments in Yards and GardensSoil & Mulches2013
FS106EOrnamental Grass Threatens Native BiodiversityPests & Problems2013
EM096EOrnamental Trees for Narrow SpacesTrees & Shrubs2016
EM009EPest Control in Home Vegetable GardensVegetables & Herbs, Pests & Problems2014
EM101EPest Management Guide for Apples in Washington Home OrchardsTrees & Shrubs, Pests & Problems, Fruit2016
FS202EViburnum Leaf BeetlePests & Problems2016
FS161EPesticide Ingredient: Acetic Acid/VinegarPests & Problems2015
FS184EPesticide Ingredient: Horticultural OilPests & Problems2015
FS210EPesticide Ingredient: NeonicotinoidsPests & Problems2016
FS319Ea href="">Petiole Sap Nitrate-N Quick Test for Determining Nitrogen Status of TomatoVegetables & Herbs2019
FS058EPhosphorus and Home LawnsLawns & Groundcovers2012
FS047EPlanting Trees and Shrubs in the LandscapeTrees & Shrubs2011
FS174EPollination and Pollinator ProtectionBasic Gardening2015
FS280EPotential Contaminants in Residential Rain Barrel WaterBasic Gardening2023
PNW0170Propagating Plants from SeedBasic Gardening2022
PNW164Propagation of Plants from Specialized StructuresBasic Gardening2010
FS198EProtecting Backyard Walnut Trees from Walnut Husk FlyTrees & Shrubs, Pests & Problems2016
PNW603EProtecting Grapevines from Winter InjuryFruit2021
FS131EPruning Equipment for Home GardenersBasic Gardening2014
FS231ERabbit & Hare Management in Washington Home Yards & GardensPests & Problems2016
FS075ERaised Beds - Will They Benefit Your Vegetable Garden?Vegetables & Herbs2017
PNW655Raspberry Cultivars for the Pacific NorthwestFruit2014
FS163ERubber Mulch Use in Home Gardens and LandscapesSoil & Mulches2021
EM089ESelecting Plants for Screens and HedgesTrees & Shrubs2015
EB2036Small Trees for the Home LandscapeTrees & Shrubs2008
FS330EThe Efficacy and Environmental Consequences of Kelp-Based Garden ProductsBasic Gardening2019
FS152EThe European Paper WaspPests & Problems2014
FS296EThe Larger Moths Found in Washington StatePests & Problems2018
FS299ETherapeutic GardeningBasic Gardening2018
PNW400Training and Pruning Your Home OrchardTrees & Shrubs2011
EB0637Training and Trellising Grapes for Production in WashingtonFruit
PNW299Turfgrass Seeding Recommendations for the Pacific NorthwestLawns & Groundcovers2010
FS160EUsing Arborist Wood Chips as a Landscape MulchSoil & Mulches2015
FS156EUsing Biosolids in Gardens and LandscapesBasic Gardening2019
FS207EUsing Coffee Grounds in Gardens and LandscapesBasic Gardening2021
FS052EVegetable Grafting: Eggplants and TomatoesVegetables & Herbs2011
FS100EVegetable Grafting: WatermelonVegetables & Herbs2016
FS135EGrowing Dry Beans in Home GardensVegetables & Herbs2014
FS162EGrowing Garlic in Home GardensVegetables & Herbs2015
FS088EGrowing Green Beans in Home GardensVegetables & Herbs2013
FS220EGrowing Peppers in Home GardensVegetables & Herbs2016
FS263EWashington Bumble Bees in Home Yards and GardensPollinators2017
EB1090Watering Home Gardens and Landscape PlantsBasic Gardening2002
FS143EWhat is Tunneling in My Yard?Pests & Problems2014
FS209EWhy Do Leaves Turn Red?Trees & Shrubs, Basic Gardening2024

Welcome Home Gardeners

WSU Extension Spokane County Master Gardeners look forward to sharing knowledge to help you succeed in your garden.


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