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Face masks are no longer required in our facility. Please feel free to wear a mask if you are more comfortable doing so.

Weed Information

Program Contact: Spokane County Master Gardeners
(509) 477-2181 •

Common Weeds in Spokane County:

Invasive Weeds of Eastern Washington
Weeds of Concern:

Weeds of Concern have a negative impact on property in Spokane County and when found, their control is encouraged.

Noxious Weeds:

Noxious weeds are non-native plants that have been introduced to Spokane County through human actions.

Due to their aggressive growth and lack of natural enemies, these species can be highly destructive, competitive, or difficult to control.

Noxious weeds are everyone’s problem and they can not only reduce crop yields, and destroy native plant and animal habitat, they can damage recreational sites, clog waterways, lower land values, and poison humans and livestock.

The Spokane County Noxious Weed Control Board can assist you with identifying noxious weeds and give you advice on their control.



The Noxious Weed Control Board of Washington State website can help you learn how to do your part protecting Washington from noxious weeds.