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Know Your Government (KYG)

Know Your Government (KYG) is a civic education program with a four-year rotating topic: The Legislative System, The Judicial System, Elections and Party Platforms, and Politics and the Media.

The conference is an opportunity for delegates to practice the skills they have learned, apply their knowledge to unknown situations and reflect on how they did.

This year, participants will explore political parties and the nomination process. During pre-conference orientation, participants will learn about different political parties, the nomination process, the development of resolutions that support planks that make up a party platform, and how to use parliamentary procedure when conducting a meeting. At the conference in February, delegates will nominate a KYG party candidate and finalize a KYG party platform to share with legislators at the Legislative Dinner on the final evening of the conference.

From pre-conference county meetings and conference participation, delegates will learn all or some of the following:

  • Discover the purpose of political parties
  • Identify parties that exist and what differentiates them
  • Discuss what influences parties
  • Learn and practice parliamentary procedure
  • Learn about different voting systems and practice instant run-off voting and the electoral college
  • Learn how to get a candidate elected through building support among peers
  • Develop a platform by identifying issues of importance to youth and create resolutions to support those platform planks
  • Strengthen focused life skills: Collaboration, Positive Civil Discourse/Conflict Resolution, Positive Citizenship

For additional information visit:

Know Your Government

KYG 2024 Conference