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KYG 2023 Conference

Think Before You Clapboard

Conference for teens 14-18 years old

Participants must attend pre-conference meetings which will take place this December/January. Contact: Dorothy Elsner

Since the arrival of the internet, and the emergence of social media and smart phones, our culture lives in a state of media-saturation, some might argue over-saturation. Political parties and politicians have not missed the opportunity to utilize all forms of media as they identify issues platforms to run their elections on and engage in debate with competing parties. The further growth and commercialization of cable news networks has created vast opportunities for Opinion Editorial to center itself as a form of news-reporting.

This year, Know Your Government delegates will learn about media bias, how to identify the difference between facts and opinions, and how to create a space for dialogue on issues that have multiple perspectives.

Delegate Teams will practice deconstructing media messages and news programs to identify whether the reports they are hearing contain bias, or fairness and balance. They will practice fact checking through listening to multiple sources of a same news report. Finally, they will create a balanced multi-media news report of their own to share.

Through this live and engaging process delegates will learn:

• Learn that there are multiple forms of news media, that have different strengths and weaknesses
• Practice fact-checking and looking for the sources of news stories
• Look for balance and fairness when reviewing media messages
• Learn how to recognize biased and one-sided messages, as well as becoming aware of their own biases
• Utilizing a free media is a constitutional promise of democracy AND a responsibility of citizenship

Planning and curriculum packet for adults who are interested in leading a group of youth delegates.

Planning and Curriculum Packet (pdf)


Know Your Government Shield



“Think Before You…”

Know Your Government Conference

February 18 – 20, 2023

Saturday Afternoon – Monday Afternoon

Wenatchee Convention Center
121 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801

Register between January 1 – 16, 2023