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KYG 2020 Conference

Know Your Government 2020

Decision 2020: Use Your Voice, Cast Your Vote 
February 15-18, 2020

This year, participants will explore political parties and the nomination process. During pre-conference orientation, participants will learn about different political parties, the nomination process, the development of resolutions that support planks that make up a party platform, and how to use parliamentary procedure when conducting a meeting. At the conference in February, delegates will nominate a KYG party candidate and finalize a KYG party platform to share with legislators at the Legislative Dinner on the final evening of the conference.

From pre-conference county meetings and conference participation, delegates will learn all or some of the following:

• Discover the purpose of political parties
• Identify parties that exist and what differentiates them
• Discuss what influences parties
• Learn and practice parliamentary procedure
• Learn about different voting systems and practice instant run-off voting and the electoral college
• Learn how to get a candidate elected through building support among peers
• Develop a platform by identifying issues of importance to youth and create resolutions to support those platform planks
• Strengthen focused life skills: Collaboration, Positive Civil Discourse/Conflict resolution, Positive Citizenship


2020 KYG Conference Schedule:

Olympia, WA. Students will room at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Olympia, though events will take place throughout the city.

miniature image of agenda page




KYG 2020 Conference Agenda (tentative)






Conference Materials:


Curriculum 2020: Introduction

Curriculum 2020: Meeting 1

Curriculum 2020: Meeting 2

Curriculum 2020: Meeting 3

Curriculum 2020: Meeting 4


Keynote Speakers:

Conference Speakers to be announced. Check back for updates!




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