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Washington State University Extension

KYG 2022 Conference


Leveling Up - Retro Loading Graphic

4-H Know Your Government Conference has leveled up!

Students across Washington State, whether they’re part of 4-H or not, can come together to learn about and participate in the legislative process through an interactive curriculum.

Friendly competition will encourage engagement with real bills, real legislators, and real civic-minded students from across the state. As delegates complete challenges involving their local and state governments, they will have the opportunity for Zoom meetings with facilitators and other delegates to play games, hear from speakers, and have their achievements recognized. Plans are to have it all come together in a culminating event in central Washington on March 5, 2022 with activities, speakers, and a celebration.

Thanks to the increased flexibility that this allows, we’re opening up the curriculum for anyone 13 and older. If that is you, get ready to dive into the legislative process and go through levels achievement! The cost is $15. We can’t wait to see how you will use your creativity to make the best better and Know Your Government!

This is where you go to get started:

Know Your Government Shield