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KYG 2024 Conference

It’s Your Choice!

February 17 -19, 2024 • Olympia, WA


Conference for teens 14-18 years old

This year, participants will explore political parties and the nomination process. During pre-conference orientation, participants will learn about different political parties, the nomination process, the development of resolutions that support planks that make up a party platform, and how to use parliamentary procedure when conducting a meeting. At the conference in February, delegates will nominate a KYG party candidate and finalize a KYG party platform to share with legislators at the Legislative Dinner on the final evening of the conference.

From pre-conference county meetings and conference participation, delegates will learn all or some of the following:

  • Discover the purpose of political parties
  • Identify parties that exist and what differentiates them
  • Discuss what influences parties
  • Learn and practice parliamentary procedure
  • Learn about different voting systems and practice instant run-off voting and the electoral college
  • Learn how to get a candidate elected through building support among peers
  • Develop a platform by identifying issues of importance to youth and create resolutions to support those platform planks
  • Strengthen focused life skills: Collaboration, Positive Civil Discourse/Conflict Resolution, Positive Citizenship

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Registration closes January 11th at 5PM

“Visit and click on the appropriate registration type at the bottom to begin. You will be prompted to log in with your 4-H Online credentials.”

Who Should Register:

  • Chaperones (Adult Resources) must be certified adult volunteers with 4-H
  • Youth Delegates. Need to be enrolled in 4-H. Grades 9-12

Cost is $260 for conference

Note: Cards will not be charged until after the registration deadline. (January 11, 2024)

Rooms at the DoubleTree in Olympia are separate, handled outside 4hOnline and each delegation’s responsibility. Delegation Leaders will coordinate room payments for their delegations. Delegations may choose to share rooms.

More information on this will be shared soon.

Registration does not include the cost of the hotel. Rooms (single or double beds) $153.00 There are no refunds after registration is processed. Alternate attendees and/or credits from unused registrations in previous years acceptable.

Schedule & Curriculum:

2024 Delegation Leader Packet pdf

2024 Elections Curriculum Introduction pdf

2024 Elections Curriculum Meeting 1 pdf

2024 Elections Curriculum Meeting 2 pdf

2024 Elections Curriculum Meeting 3 pdf

2024 Elections Curriculum Meeting 4 pdf



KYG “Kick Off” Meeting

No passcode needed. Fast forward to 15:55 for start of meeting.

Curriculum Meeting

Passcode for video is: &FPguJ3M

Registration instructions:

Know Your Government Shield



It’s Your Choice!

Know Your Government Conference

February 17 – 19, 2024
Olympia, WA


Register between:
mid-December to mid-January, 2024


For more info:

Dorothy Elsner, 4-H KYG Coordinator
(360) 395-2360



Additional Resources: