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4-H Sportfishing Project

Program Contact: Jenny W. Loyd, 4-H Program Coordinator
(509) 574-1600 •

reelFishing is one of our state’s most popular pastimes. Youth participating in fishing projects will learn about different types of fishing and the fish themselves.


  • Learn fishing skills and use sportfishing equipment
  • Foster ethical fishing behavior
  • Appreciate and understand a commitment to natural resource stewardship
  • Provide knowledge of the ecological and social bases of fisheries management
  • Appreciate and understand the cultural, ecological, and socio-economic values of fish and fishing

4-H Sportfishing Curriculum

Available from the Extension office or online at 4-H Sportfishing Curriculum

Level 1 – Take the Bait
Level 2 – Reel in the Fun
Level 3 – Cast into the future
Fishing for Helper’s Guide Digital Download

National 4-H Sportfishing Curriculum
State 4-H Sportfishing Curriculum


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