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Welcome Yakima County Residents and Homeowners

Home landscape care, especially gardening, is one of the most popular leisure activities in North America. When properly done, gardening will contribute to your enjoyment, appreciation of nature and your role in environmental stewardship. Gardening can also have a significant positive impact on your outlook on life, your health and even the value of your property.

Extension Gardening Webpage

Our Gardening in Washington State webpage will provide you with tips and information to maintain home landscapes including lawn, vegetable gardens, backyard fruit trees and flower gardens or any other horticultural feature on your home front. You can also check out the associated pages linked in the menu to the left for more information.

Master Gardeners WebpageThe Yakima County Master Gardeners are here to answer your questions and help you learn to be the best gardener you can be. Whether you grow veggies, flowers, shrubs, lawn or whatever, or if you’re having trouble with garden or household pests, we can help.  These pages have information about getting those answers, and about the many events and classes available to you.