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Irrigated Pastures and Grazed Forages

Program Contact: Tipton Hudson, Regional Director, Yakima and Kittitas County
(509) 574-1600 •
Brown cow with black and spotted cows in a field

About Irrigated Pastures and Grazed Forages in Yakima County

Yakima County is #1 in the state in dairy, milk production, cheese production, cattle and calves, sheep and lamb production, meat goats.  The animal agricultural annual gate value is $600 million.  Irrigated pasture totals 140,000 acres, managed range totals 2.2 million acres and approximately 40,000 people in the county own from 2 to 20 acres in small acreage production systems.


Cattle Producer’s Handbook:  Irrigated Pastures for Livestock Grazing (PDF)