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Apple Maggot Host Reduction Project

Cooperative Project Between Multiple Agencies:
Washington State Department of Agriculture, North Yakima Conservation District, USDA-ARS, Washington State University, Yakima County and Chelan County.

Beneficial to Commercial Growers

Reduction in trade barriers and removal of host that cause troubles to growers.

Why We Are Doing It?

  • Currently $500,000 annually to manage Apple Maggot with each year the cost of controlling “invasive Pests” continues to rise.
  • $220,000 Grant over two years to prove the feasibility of host removal and replacement
  • Reducing Alternative Hosts is a better method of pest management
  • Cost of this strategy is high initially.  After 5 years is less costly than sprays.
  • Habitat Manipulation is an effective and more ecologically sound method of pest management.


  • Reduced Pest Population
  • Reduced Spray Applications
  • Reduced Apple Maggot Detections
  • Increased Profitabiltiy
  • Attain/Maintain “Pest Free Status”

Outcomes Achieved:

Pest Management Fact Sheets

We are working with landowners and removing Hawthorn and neglected fruit trees.

  • Host of the Pest is Removed
  • Replacement plants are planted of equal or greater ecological value

Ferral Apple Tree    Hawthorn Tree Being Removed
Hawthorn Tree Being Removed


Hawthorn Next to Orchard  Large Hawthorn