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Master Gardener Resources

Presentations and handouts from training classes, public events and more.

Instructions for Master Gardeners

Master Gardener Orientation

Reporting Your Hours


December 2019

October 2019

2019 Class Presentations

May 18 – Phyllis Pugnetti in the Heirloom Garden: Outdoor Worm Composting

March 13 – Claudia Steen: Raising Table Grapes

March 6 – Claudia Steen: Empowering Volunteers

February 6 – Lance Forsee: Common Lawn Problems

January 30 – Debra Kroon: Toastmasters
January 30 – Debra Kroon: PowerPoint
January 30 – Dr. Mike Bush: Vegetable Insect Pests  (Large file!)

January 23 – Linda Chalker-Scott: Science Based Info vs C.R.A.P.
January 23 – Jenn Alholm: Social Media Training

2019 Heirloom Seed Library

Once you have completed the Basic Seed Saving Class, you become a member of our Yakima Master Gardener Heirloom Seed Lending Library.  You may download the catalog here.

Recipes: What Is This, And What Am I Supposed To Do With It?

2018 Spring Symposium Notes

March 7 – Extending the Harvest – Phyllis Pugnetti


Become A Volunteer

Events, Activities, Projects – Who We Are

Plants to Attract Bees and Butterflies

2018 Class Presentations

2018 – Gini Obert, Buena Community Garden

2018 – Claudia Steen, Backyard Chickens

2018 – Gina Ord, Welcoming Diversity in Master Gardener Program

2018 – Claudia Steen, House Plants and Their Care

Resources from past years…

2017 – Dr. Catherine Daniels, Yakima MGs – Online Resources

2016 – Dr. Mike Bush, Pollinator Protection

2016 – Marianne Ophardt, Common Vegetable Problems

2016 – Claudia Steen, GrowingBerries

2016 – Claudia Steen, Wino 101 – Wine Basics

2016 – Ruth Hardison, Insects of Central Washington

2016 – Dr. Mike Bush, Garden Insects of Central Washington

2016 – Ken Tolonen, The Tree of Life

2015 – Dr. Mike Bush, Exotic Pests

2015 – Greg Butler, Water-wise Basics

2015 – Greg Butler, Drought-tolerant plants

2015 – Dr. Mike Bush, Roses and IPM

2015 – Larry Connell, Soil Fertility