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Master Gardener Events

Program Contact: Yakima Master Gardeners
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Spring Symposium

$30 for the complete series.  (Individual nights @ $10 + fees)

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March 6

Soil Considerations and Management – Bernardita Sallato Camona

It’s been said that if you grow your soil, the plants will take care of themselves!  WSU Extension Specialist Bernardita Sallato will help us with identifying the soil type in our gardens and give us strategies for improving it. Also, she will discuss watering considerations and other important factors in making our gardens as successful as possible.

March 13

The Squish Factor: Designing abundant containers – Karen Chapman

Many of us love container gardening, but are often challenged by them in our hot, dry climate. Landscape designer and popular gardening lecturer and author, Karen will present ideas and examples of beautiful and successful containers and design hints.

March 20

Dealing with Weeds! – Dr. Tim Miller

Is any landscape really free of weeds?! Dr. Miller, a weed scientist and entertaining speaker, will help us learn to identify the weeds in our garden, and provide hints about weed control. Get ready! This topic sounds pretty dry, but those of us who have heard Tim speak, can’t wait for him to be here!

March 27

Ready, Set, Go! – Protecting your space from wildfire – Gary Berndt & John Sinclair

The ever-increasing danger of wildfire now threatens even urban landscapes. Communities, developments and individual homes need to be better prepared for surviving the passage of a fire. Wildfire experts, Gary and John provide a guide for identifying zones of vegetation types that can make for improved survivability.