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Fruit Tree Pests

This webpage is designed to help homeowners recognize key pests of backyard fruit trees and how to manage these pests to maintain tree health and fruit quality.

WSU Tree Fruit: Crop Protection

The WSU Extension Tree Fruit Extension Team covers a broad range of tree fruit topics, including pest management and crop protection.  Visit their site for extensive research based tips, techniques, and tools to make your fruit crop the healthiest possible, whether you are managing an orchard or a few back yard fruit trees.

Wenatchee Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center: Tree Fruit Entomology

The Beers Laboratory is located at the Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center in Wenatchee, WA, but the researchers there work on tree fruits statewide.  Their goal is to help Washington’s tree fruit growers solve insect and mite pest problems, and share science at the regional, state, and national level.  Their motto is ‘no bug left behind’, with research projects covering all of the state’s major tree fruit crops (apple, pear, cherry, stone fruit) and many of their pests and natural enemies (it’s a long list).