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Benton-Franklin 4-H Camp

Program Contact: Lauren Romney, 4-H Program Coordinator
(509) 545-3511 •

4-H Camp is June 12-17, 2018!

Kick start the summer the best way possible… attend 4-H Camp!


WHAT:  Benton-Franklin 4-H Camp
WHEN:  June 12-17, 2018
WHERE:  Camp Wooten Environmental Learning Center (on the Tucannon River outside of Dayton, WA)

CHECK IN:  2-4PM on June 12th
CHECK OUT:  10AM PROMPT on June 17th

Download 2018 Registration Flyer for full details



This year we will be doing 4-H Camp Registration thru 4HOnline.

  • 4-H Camper/CIT/Counselor Registration for currently enrolled 4-H Members:  Log in to your family profile, add the event for each member from there. Click on My Member List – scroll down to the Event, Add Event, and complete info. Mail in or drop off your payment.WATCH THIS TO SEE HOW: We’ve created a video to assist any Campers, CIT’s, and Adults wanting to participate in 4-H Camp this year. Follow this link to see how it is done (no sound):


  • Camper/CIT Registration for non-4-H Members:  First, you will have to create a family profile in 4HOnline, and click the Add Short Term Member for each youth you are enrolling within your family to go to camp. After you have your family set up and confirmed, then you can click the “My Member List” to take you to the page where you scroll to the bottom and will see “Register A Member for an Event”, pick Benton-Franklin 4-H Camp, and proceed.


  • Adult Volunteers (for adults, age 21+, who wish to serve as adults at the Benton-Franklin 4-H Camp Monday thru Sunday of camp week): If you are already enrolled in 4-H, then you may register through 4HOnline, just like you would for a child, but pick “Adult” instead and proceed. Non-4-H Leaders, you will need to create a 4HONline family profile, as well as complete a 4-H Leader Application – if this is the case, email and state that you would like to be a 4-H Camp Volunteer, and we will walk you through the steps.

*We realize that we overlap with most of the area schools. This is unfortunate, however, these dates were reserved over 18 months ago, and we are locked in to that 2nd full week in June. Please understand that while it is not our intent for youth to have to choose between attending  school and attending camp, we truly believe in the value of our outdoor experiential education throughout Camp that focuses on life skills and accepting differences. This is an experience you will not get anywhere else.



Campers are placed into cabins with other campers of a similar age and at least one counselor and one CIT. Camp is themed, and every cabin has an individual theme as well. Everyone gets to go to eight different classes during the week. Classes include archery, canoeing, hiking, and more! Everyone can show off their acting skills during cabin skits on campfire night, and show off their dance moves at the themed camp dances. We eat a lot of good food, and there is time for swimming, kickball, and other activities. Camp can be one of the best experiences of being a kid- don’t miss out… it is A LOT of fun!!!

If you have questions, aren’t sure about what to expect, never let your kid go to camp before, need more information about the hands-on classes and AMAZING experience, etc, etc, etc…. PLEASE do not hesitate to call the Camp Director, Dan Kinion, 509-392-8658 or the Pasco WSU Extension Office at 509-545-3511. We are steadily growing up 4-H Camp again, and have had super successful camps in recent years.

Let this week be the best one of the summer!