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Program Contact: Program Contact: Karen Seabrook, Master Gardener Seed Library Manager
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1) Do I have to pay for the seeds I take?

No. You pay back by bringing back the seeds you’ve saved. Plan your garden in the spring to allow a little extra space to plant 3-5 extra plants. Let them grow out naturally and go to seed. Cut the dried seed head off and put them in the bag provided when you checked out your seeds (one bag for each type of seed). Return them to the bin labeled “Seed Return” at the WSU Ext. Office.

2) How many seed packets can I take?

We limit 3 packets per patron per season (3 each for Spring/Summer/Fall). We will offer only seeds that can be planted in the present season. We encourage gardeners to grow plants from a few of our borrowed seeds but to support our local seed companies and nurseries as much as you can. We will let you know when we’re making a transition to the next season by the contact information you provided.

3) What if I don’t know how to garden or save seeds?

We will have gardening and seed saving books you can refer to while you’re checking out seeds. The books will stay at the WSU Office. Our receptionist will be able to answer questions about checking out seeds. A Master Gardener will be available by email to answer your garden questions.

4) What if I can’t save seeds for some reason?

We understand that sometimes things don’t work out as planned. If you are unable to save seeds we ask that you buy a packet of the same type (ie; if you borrowed lettuce any type of lettuce will do), open pollinated (not hybrid), preferably organic and donate them to the Seed Library. The Seed Library depends on returned seeds to stock the Library for the next year.

5) Where do I put my return seeds?

We will have a bin at the WSU Office marked “Seed Return”. Place the dried seed heads cleaned to the best of your ability in the bags provided when you checked your seeds out. Fill out the return label on the bag to the best of your ability and drop them in the “Seed Return” bin.