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1) Do I have to pay for the seeds I take?

No, you pay back by returning cleaned and dried seeds that you’ve saved. Plan your garden in the spring to allow a little extra space to plant 3-5 extra plants. Let them grow out naturally and go to seed. Return the fully cleaned and dried seeds to the Red Cooler outside the WSU Jefferson County Extension office door.

2) How many seed packets can I take?

We recommend 2-3 packets per member per year since that would be a manageable amount of varieties that you could save seeds from in one season. We encourage members to borrow and return seeds from the Seed Library but to also support our local seed companies and nurseries.

3) What if I don’t know how to garden or save seeds?

We will have links to online resources and educational events in the “Seed Saving Education” link at the bottom of the Seed Library website. There are also recommended books along with gardening tools and seed cleaning screens that can be checked out from your local Libraries. Feel free to email us with any questions.

4) What if I can’t save seeds for some reason?

We understand that sometimes things don’t work out as planned. Just let us know by email that you won’t be able to return any seeds that you borrowed.

5) Where do I put my return seeds?

Return the cleaned, dried seeds to the red cooler just outside the WSU Jefferson County Extension office door @ 121 Oak Bay Rd Port Hadlock. OR you can return seeds to the Seed Librarian at the JC Library Book Mobile on the Last Full Month of every month from March-October. The Seed Library Book Mobile schedule can be found HERE