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Find a 4-H Club Near YOU!

Posted by fuller | October 30, 2017

Finding a 4-H Club

Mason County 4-H has approximately 8 active 4-H clubs, and are looking to start more. It is important to find a club that is the right fit for your family. Review the CURRENT CLUB LIST and contact club leader’s who offer projects in your interest area and let them know that you are interested in joining their club. The club leader will provide information on their club structure i.e. meeting schedules, service projects, activities and more. This is the time to ask your questions!

If you need assistance with finding a club, contact 4-H Program Coordinator, Heather Doran 360-427-9670 Ext 681 or We are happy to help you get started on your 4-H journey!

4-H is for the whole family where youth and adults come together to learn new things, meet new friends and have fun. Parents/guardians are encouraged to participate and attend meetings with their children. Adults help by volunteering time and sharing talents. For example: driving members to activities, supporting project learning, chaperoning and being a positive role model.

Through 4-H, members develop and practice important life skills. Members will:

  • Make decisions and solve problems
  • Build self-confidence
  • Accept responsibility
  • Have a good time that makes learning fun
  • Feel a sense of belonging by being a part of a 4-H club
  • Develop mastery while learning and practicing skills in areas of interest
  • Become independent as they are given choices of what to do
  • Have a spirit of generosity as 4-H clubs give back to their communities through service

Still have questions about how you can get involved? Check out our resources on our website to get started or contact Heather Doran, Mason County 4-H Program Coordinator at 360-427-9670 Ext 681 or