Are you looking for land and don’t know where to start? Have you recently bought land, retired, or looking to shift your hobby farm Cultivating Successor garden into a full-fledged business? If so, Cultivating Success™: Is a Small Farm in Your Future is a great place to start! Work with course facilitators and other class participants to review your personal resources, explore different farming options, and listen in on a farmer panel discussion. Walk away with an action plan in hand and a better understanding of the diverse options for a small farm future! 

Cultivating Success™: Whole Farm Planning will walk you through a step-by-step process, to help you prepare a well thought out plan for your land, life, and farm business. Learn how to use a whole system lens to create a living plan for your small farm future. Classes will meet weekly through Zoom, in an online classroom environment and you will be able to connect with a statewide community of other aspiring farm planners. Leave with tools for decision making and a road map to plan for your farming endeavors. Includes many opportunities for networking and community building in smaller breakout groups too! Come build a solid plan for a farm or food business that suites you.

Becoming a successful agricultural entrepreneur is not easy! So, set yourself up from the start. Cultivating Success™: Agricultural Entrepreneurship is an in-depth farm and food business planning course. We will walk you through the necessary steps to create a business plan for an existing farm-based business or a completely new enterprise. Join weekly online classes with a statewide cohort of new and beginning farm businesses, hearing from a full line-up of guest experts and farmer speakers, and engaging in regional groups for more networking and community-based support. Come out of this course with the core elements of a business plan to guide your small business forward.