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Program Contact: Heidi Steinbach, Noxious Weed Coordinator
(360) 427-9670 ext. 592 •

Site Surveys & Recommendations

Did you just buy a beautiful piece of land in Mason County, and suddenly realized you need a little help in understanding how to manage your pasture, forest, or wildlife habitat? Or perhaps conditions are changing on a property that you’ve had for a while? Don’t worry, we are available to do on-site visits for landowners regarding noxious weeds such as Canada thistle, tansy ragwort, blackberries, and other noxious weeds, and make recommendations on your next step to successfully managing your land.

Tool Lending

We make weed wrenches available as a free rental for Scotch broom and other woody shrub species removal. Stop in or call us at (360) 427-9670 ext. 680 to reserve a weed wrench today! We’re happy to loan these out for a few days to a week at a time, depending on the demand, but it never hurts to ask for two weeks. We do require a signed waiver and agreement.

Eight weed wrenches of varying sizes propped up in the WSU Extension Office. Text reads, "weed wrenches available."

Reference Materials

We have many reference sources and publications available to assist in weed identification and management. Check out our Weed Identification & Resources page for a variety of tools to help identify weeds and determine best management methods, but be sure to check with our office staff, as well, to get more information specific to your problem weed.

Weed Identification

The most common question we get: “What’s this weed?”

We love this question, but do ask that you provide us with a good, representative sample, or even a series of photographs of the weed you are concerned about. Samples that include flowers or fruit are often essential for positive identification. Photos should include both close-up, detailed and high-resolution pictures of the stem, nodes, flowers or fruits, as well as pictures taken further back to see the overall shape and size of the plant. You can drop the sample off at the WSU Extension Office or email us a photo. From there, we will begin the process to provide you with more information and resources about the plant of concern. Positive identification may take some time, so please be patient!

Educational Programs

We are available for weed management presentations or related educational programs, targeted towards both youth and adults. Successful weed control requires accurate weed identification, analysis of the surrounding habitat, understanding of the numerous control methods that are available, and knowledge of how to carry out the best control approach. We can help make sense of all these factors, and can tailor our outreach materials and presentations to a variety of audiences.

View the calendar for a list of upcoming events.