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General Gardening Information

Program Contact: Tessa Halloran, Master Gardener/Small Farms Coordinator
(360) 427-9670 Ext. 682 •

water view (Custom)USDA lists Shelton as Plant Hardiness Zone 8b with lows 15 to 20 degrees, although Mason County does experience lows below 10 degrees occasionally. Sunset Western Garden Book lists Mason County as Climate Zone 4, with the areas nearest Puget Sound as Zone 5. Average winter lows in Zone 4 range from 34 degrees F down to 28 degrees F, with exteme lows averaging 8 to 0 degrees F. The growing season is 150 to 200 days long. Because summers are temperate, plants take more time to develop. If you are sowing vegetables, add at least 50% to the days-to-harvest figure listed on the seed packet.

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