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Shoreline Living Resources

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Those of us who live on the shores of streams, rivers, ponds and bays can help protect water quality by limiting fertilizer use and planting native vegetation along slopes and beaches. Visit the resources below to learn more. When you are ready, take the water quality plunge and become a Mason County Shore Steward or read the Shore Steward newsletters.

Shoreline Living video

  • This video explores the transitional shoreline area linking terrestrial uplands and the marine environment of the Puget Sound Region.  Learn about the geological features and processes that shape the banks, why some erosion is part of a natural and necessary process for replenishing our beaches, as well as, way to reduce damage caused by excessive erosion. Explore the tidal zone and learn about local flora and fauna; their role in the ecosystem, and behaviors you can adopt to live in balance along the shoreline.


Plant It Right, Restoring Our Streams video

  • Streamside planting projects are vitally important in the restoration of fish and wildlife habitat. The success of these restoration projects is directly tied to proper planting techniques and subsequent maintenance. This 17-minute video will help students and volunteers understand the steps necessary to “Plant It Right.”


Pacific Northwest Clean Water Challenge

  • The Clean Water Challenge was created as a means to educate and inspire communities to take steps to protect our coastal waters. When you are ready, take the Challenge yourself and pledge your commitment to protect our resources. This initiative is supported by the Pacific Northwest Regional Water Program.


Native Plants Work in a Myriad of Ways
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Managing Drainage on Coastal Bluffs
Managing Vegetation on Coastal Slopes
Slope Stabilization and Erosion Control
Vegetation for Shoreline Landscaping
Washington Association of Conservation Districts
Washington Department of Ecology: Puget Sound Shorelines
Washington Department of Ecology: Coastal Shoreline Management
Washington Sea Grant
Western Washington Native Plant Identification Database
Wetlands: A Landowner’s’ Guide
Guide to Shoreline Living