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International Exchange

Program Contact: Abby Brandt, 4-H Program Manager
509-773-5817 •

States’ 4-H International Exchange

Seeking Host Families

Host a Youth Delegate for an Up-Close and Personal Cultural Exchange experience


Do you want to…
  • give your family the experience of a lifetime?
  • instill appreciation for other cultures?
  • learn new languages and communication skills?
  • create some new lifelong friendships?

A Summer Host Family can do all this and much more!

Host this summer from July 26 to August 21 
Here are the available delegates for Summer 2019…

Host families open their homes and their hearts to international youth delegates. Families host one delegate for four weeks during the summer. This year all of our delegates are coming from the LABO and LEX programs in Japan.

English language instruction is required in all Japanese junior and senior high schools, but lessons often focus on grammar and vocabulary. LABO and LEX family clubs base language learning on experiential, multi-cultural experiences. LABO clubs often use games, poetry, songs, and plays, to help children learn English.  LEX/Hippo Family Clubs create immersive, multilingual environments, exposing listeners to the sounds and rhythms of languages. Both of these wonderful programs include opportunities for International Exchange and have been partners with 4-H International Exchange for over 40 years.

Academic Year Program (August – June)

AYP engages high school youth from Eurasia, Japan, South Korea, and many other parts of the world. The student attends a local high school, but a high school host sibling in the host family is not required. Host families and individuals can be retired, empty nesters, or families with young children. As a host family you need only make room for an international high school age young person in your life, and in return, you will be touched with new insight and appreciation for the wider world.

For more information go to

Call Dianna Ullery (360-867-2153) or email if you have questions, and apply to be a Host Family at


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Are you an adult who loves to experience the world?

We have opportunities for you too!

Provide escort, leadership and guidance to US 4-H youth in our international outbound programs. Chaperones stay with host families, engage in cultural exchange, practice language skills, and make new lifelong friends. Adult chaperones are 25 or older, experienced working with youth and familiar with international travel.

Cost vary from $500 – $1800 with transportation and other expenses are covered by the program.

For more information on any of these programs, contact

Put Travel in your Future

Teens, ready to try out your own passport?

  • Practice your Spanish in an immersion experience with your host family in Costa Rica.
  • Learn Japanese in a 4 week intensive language program followed by 4 weeks of Japanese family life.
  • Get to know a South Korean 4-H family, sharing your culture and learning theirs.
  • Learn about Norse heritage and language with your host family in Finland or Norway.

Teens ages 15 -19 are eligible for this 4 week summer travel abroad program.

Costs range from $2000 – $5000 covering domestic and international travel, insurance, orientations, and more!
Contact for an application or more information. Application deadline is December 1

If you’re really serious about learning Japanese in an extended experience, apply for the AYP in Japan.