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Volunteer Opportunities

WSU Extension offers a variety of in-depth volunteer training programs. Each program consists of 25 to 60 hours of education. In return, volunteers pay back the same number of hours within the year, helping consumers in the community. This can be done a number of ways, depending on the interests and skills of the volunteers. For more information contact us.

Objectives of the educational programs offered by WSU Extension:

  • To extend research-based information into local communities.
  • To reach clientele not typically reached by conventional education.
  • To provide the opportunity for personal and professional growth of individuals.

Responsiblities of Volunteers:

  • Serve as a resource person in the local community.
  • Distribute Extension bulletins and fact sheets through local agencies and support groups.
  • Develop or set up displays at malls, fairs and similar events.
  • Prepare fact sheets, news releases, newsletter articles and visuals for exhibits.
  • Answer consumer questions.
  • Serve as a team member with the County Extension Agent and other volunteers.

Master Clothier & Textile Advisors: This program is a concentrated study of textiles, fabric care, sewing notions, equipment, trends in clothing, working with special fabrics and buying quality products. Students are also taught how to understand figure types and choose appropriate clothing.

Master Food Safety Advisors: This program deals with all aspects of food preservation. Volunteers learn why procedures must be followed, how food preservation methods are determined and why procedures change periodically. Participants also receive hands-on experience in various methods of food preservation, drying and storing.

Master Gardeners: This program teaches volunteers all aspects of gardening, lawn and tree care, insect and disease identification, pesticide safety, composting, planting and propagation.

4-H Volunteers: Have fun as you learn to become leaders along with other 4-H members, parents and volunteers. 4-H is an opportunity to learn organizational skills, communications skills, conflict management skills and a wide variety of content-specific information.