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Resuming in-person 4-H

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We know you are excited to see your 4-H family in person, and below we provide the resources that need to be worked through in order to submit an application to resume in-person activities. Please note, WSU Extension Leadership has been clear that meetings and events that can happen virtually need to continue to do so.  It is also important to note that COVID continues to be a concern in our community and we will use caution moving forward with anything in-person.  We are working as a regional team to ensure that we are following all of the proper policies and procedures laid out by the Governor, the University, WSU Extension administration, as well as the guidelines in place from our local health departments. We will continue moving forward safely together!


The WSU Extension administration team in conjunction with the state 4-H staff have outlined a specific process 4-H clubs need to work through in order to be eligible to apply for resuming in-person activities. All of the updated forms including the required checklist and activity plan can be found at the State 4-H website. Click on the button below to be taken to that page.

WSU 4-H Resource Page
PPE Request Form Report Non-compliance

These are forms we have developed or modified locally to help you meet the requirements for resuming in-person activities.

This is a fillable PDF to be completed by every participant at every event and submitted to the leader and the 4-H office after the event.

Each in-person event should have a safety protocol volunteer to makes sure all of the policies are being followed to keep everyone safe. This checklist can be used and submitted to the 4-H office with attestations. This form is also available as a word document.


4-H Club Leaders: Click on the button below to register for the training that best fits your schedule! Please note, in order to register you do need to have a Zoom account for security reason. Sign up for your free account at

If you need training for your club please contact the 4-H Office.

Register for 5/21

Will 4H provide or have grants to purchase cleaning supplies, touchless thermometers, etc?

Your local 4-H office has some funding set aside for the necessary supplies for an in-person event. If your club does not have funds and you would like to request supplies, please go to our website and click on the PPE Request Form button (

Are 4H building going to be available to reserve for in person meetings?

At this time, 4-H offices remain closed to the public and the majority of staff are still working from home. As a result, Extension-based meeting spaces are unavailable at this time. 

Can we have a hold harmless form signed for having meetings in our home?

4-H and WSU Extension do not have a hold-harmless form or any other type of legal agreement/liability release that is for the use of the 4-H volunteers who choose to hold meetings in their homes. It is recommended that you contact your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance to see if they have something you can use. 

Why are masks required outside if it’s not required by the governor?

4-H does not fit neatly into the categories where guidance has been provided by the governor. Instead, WSU Extension leadership has had to rely on guidance for agriculture events, schools, sporting events, and child care, youth development, and day camps. Masks are required during approved 4-H activities that take place outdoors because we know that masks significantly reduce the transmission of COVID-19 and our goal is to allow 4-H youth to begin to meet in-person in the safest circumstances possible. General Guidance documents can be found at

As our state is slowly opening are these requirements going to ease up in relation to county restrictions by our governor?

Not at this time. As long as COVID poses a threat to our communities, it is likely that the university, WSU Extension, and the 4-H program will continue to require thorough plans that demonstrate a concerted effort to minimize the risk of transmission at any in-person gatherings. 

On signage, if we plan to never meet in a home/rec center do we need to have it posted?   I have a covered deck that was an idea to meet on.

If there is a space for you to hang signs please do so, the other alternative is to make sure everyone has seen the signs before arriving – which might look like you having paper copies available for people to look at like a handout.

What is the timeline for a proposal getting approved?

Please allow at least 30 days for approval.

Do we need to do this for every in person activity?  Or do we list that in our proposal. In the past, my club has had 1 meeting a month.

You will list on the proposal if the meeting is recurring or just a one time event/meeting.

On the attestations, What is the expected time frame to get them returned to the 4-H office. Especially if we have weekly recurring meetings?

Collect forms in person, send attestation to coordinator asap, talk with coordinator because everyone’s access and situation  is a little different – within 3 days

Can we do our group zoom meeting before all leaders are trained? The club just wants to get started asap especially since paperwork is due by May 1st.

Yes, you can hold a virtual planning meeting with all members as long as least one adult volunteer has completed the resuming in-person training. 

Can a parent sign up to be a project leader so we will have more than 1 WSU volunteer at each meeting?

Yes, contact your local Extension office to work through the volunteer process.