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4-H Skill Builders

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4-H is all about empowering young people with the skills and experiences they need to be productive members of our society. The essential elements keep us focused on developing a sense of belonging and generosity, while also building confidence so youth can be independent and helping them gain knowledge so they can master new things. 

Covid-19 has required lots of creativity, and we know it’s important for youth to have meaningful opportunities to continue developing their interests and skills. Starting this month, we are offering Monthly Skill Builders which will offer different projects youth can do to learn or fine-tune a skill. These can be done independently or offered virtually in a club setting. They can be done just for the sake of learning, or to keep young hands and minds busy, or to hold on to for a future fair entry. 

If you complete any of our 4 monthly challenges, send a photo to the 4-H office to be entered into our raffle. We will offer 4 challenges each month March-September, and the drawing for prizes will take place during National 4-H week in October. Each challenge is good for one raffle ticket, meaning there will be 28 opportunities to enter! 

Guidelines for Entering the Contest: 4-H’ers should complete the challenge within the month that it is being offered, and the entry should be a picture or video of the completed project. Those photos can be emailed to by the 3rd of the following month (so March entries would be accepted through April 3rd). Photos may be used for promotional reasons, unless otherwise indicated when submitted. Anyone can complete the monthly challenges, but to be eligible for the raffle, participants need to have enrolled in 4Honline by the May 1st deadline. If you are not affiliated with a club but still want to participate, please contact the 4-H office to find out what you can do. 

The details for each challenge are below the monthly flier. If you have questions about the challenges or instructions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Keep in mind that in addition to the prize raffle, projects can be entered into the fair in the future. If you need help identifying what category/class a certain project might fit into, contact the 4-H office for help! Whether you participate in our monthly challenges for the prizes, the opportunity for fair entries, or just to have something fun to do, know that learning is happening and we are proud of you!

This Month's Challenges:

March Monthly Skill Builder Challenge

Program Contact: Abby Brandt, 4-H Program Manager,

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