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Virtual 4-H Programs

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Video! Setting up your Free Zoom Account from WSU Extension (2:30)

Virtual Resources

PDF Edition of Virtual Resources 

Great Websites & Apps to use for virtual club meeting activities

Ways to stay connected

4-H Skill Builders

4-H Facebook Live Streams

  • Texas 4-H Virtual Experience: @texas4h
  • LSU Ag Center Virtual Daily Recess & Clover Challenges: @LSUAgCenter
  • Virtual 4-H Art Camp for Teens (Mondays starting 3/23): Register at

A Few More Fun Ideas

4-H at Home Resources from all around the US! 

Comprehensive list of resources and activities:

Inspire Kids To Do Activity Guide:

Possible 4-H Activities at a Distance:

  • Practice Public Presentations & Demonstrations
  • Independent Community Service Projects
  • Letter Writing (to nursing homes, doctors, grocery store…)
  • Exhibit Hall Arts & Crafts
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Practice Judging/ Oral & Written Reasons
  • Hold a Book Club

Zoom-Friendly Warmups and Ice Breakers 

Social Distancing Activities

Essential Elements

Still the Base of 4-H


A note from Abby Brandt  – 

Schools are shut down, people aren’t gathering in groups of 10 or more, and many businesses are shutting down or changing how they operate. We all recognize that we’re operating in uncharted territory and uncertainty.

WSU Extension is committed to keeping our communities safe and the 4-H Program is as focused on providing positive Youth Development as ever, regardless of the delivery mode.  I want you, our leaders and families, to think about how we can help support each other.

  • Recognize that our youth are experiencing stress, which may build up to a level of trauma, so are many of us adults.
  • Stress/Trauma effects our brains in different ways and children may start changing their behaviors. Respond to the cause of the behavior with compassion, not to the actions of your children.
  • Stay connected safely! We are happy to help clubs figure out ways to stay connected electronically.


Belonging –

Help show others that you miss them and find ways to connect.

  • Zoom call to check in and hear about everyone’s projects or plans.
  • Start a group Facebook chat, SLACK room, or Google Hangouts. (Remember to practice safety online and ask parental permission.)

Send snail mail!


Mastery –

Time out of school can be used to learn or build upon skills and interests.  Check out

  • Think Hands-On!
  • Take Virtual Tours

Master skills to help with stress management like deep breathing, stretching exercises, dance to their favorite music, or take a short walk outside.

Generosity –

4-H Members already practice caring for their communities.  Talk about the importance of social distancing as a way that we think about protecting those more vulnerable than ourselves.   Look at practicing good hygiene as a way to care for others.  Write letters to those in Senior Care Facilities or Community Living Facilities like New Hope Farms.


Project Specific COVID-19 Resources

How do we practice social distancing with Livestock being cared for by groups?

Best Practices from the USDA COVID-19 Working With Livestock

View our Growing Generosity – Activities for Clubs and Members Guide .pdf


Instructions for Sharing a Virtual Thank You Video!

Members and or families may want to share their thank yous with our local and state level essential workers in health care, emergency services, grocery stores, and beyond.   If you’d like to be part of our State 4-H Gratitude Movement all that you need to do is record a short 30-60 second video.
It may go something like this “I’m/We’re __________ from Klickitat County 4-H! We belong to the [project] and/or [club]. Thank you to ___________ for __________! ”

We are also sending videos to our continued local sponsors.  For a Thank You Video to them you might say “Thank you for supporting us!” or “Thank you for helping us learn and grow!” or something to that effect.

Send your video directly to Emily Adams of the WSU 4-H Foundation at  Indicate who the intended audience of your video might be and what county you are from in your email.


Making Masks?

From WSU Extension- “Cloth masks are intended to assist with respiratory etiquette only and should not be considered personal protective equipment for medical purposes. The construction of masks is a personal choice.”  When masks are being delivered, please put that language on a piece of paper that will be included with the delivery (if possible).