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Don’t forget to submit your entries to the 4-H office by the 3rd of the next month! Send a photo of your completed challenge to to be entered into our drawing for prizes at the end of our 4-H year.


JUNE 2021

The Challenge: Plan a day of fun for your family! If you could choose to go anywhere in Washington or Oregon where would you go? Plan a full day, including travel time, for your family. Your goal should be to plan something that interests and includes each of your family members. Whether or not your family chooses to go this is a fun way to research, practice working with multiple people, and put your math skills to the test!  

What you need: Writing supplies. Access to a computer or map. Local guides to the areas you want to go may be helpful and are usually available at your local library.

How to prepare:

Gather some logistical information:

  • Ask each of your family members what they would like to do on a fun family day trip.
  • Make sure that after traveling to a location and back that you have enough time in the middle of the day to explore your destination. You might not want to travel more than 2 hours away from your home.
  • Look up different places in Washington and Oregon that you are interested in going to that are within your ideal travel time.
  • Look up tourist destinations near your destination. This may include local parks, museums, restaurants, or historical markers.
  • Your family might set a budget for your hypothetical day trip. Keep that in mind.
  • You may need to double-check travel times and think about scheduling time for exploration, snack breaks, or stops during the drive.
  • Look up information about the sites you want to visit include their hours of operations, rules for visitors, and any costs like entry fees or parking.

What to do:

Now that you know where you are going and what you would like to do set up an itinerary for the day. An itinerary says what time something is scheduled to happen. For example: “wake up at 8 am, leave the house at 9 am, drive until 10:30 am.  Tour _____ from 10:45 – 12:00 pm.”

Now communicate all of the information you have learned to your family as a proposed hypothetical plan! Ask them to help you evaluate your plans for missing or unclear information. Ask your family for feedback on how fun your trip idea sounds. It may take several tries to find a plan that interests your family members and fits within your time and financial limitations.

Reflection Questions: What was hard about researching destinations? Was it easy to listen to everyone else’s ideas about a destination? If you took this trip what would be the part you are most excited about? Do you ever help plan shorter trips, like trips to the grocery store? What are other parts of your day that you plan before you do them?

Entry Requirements: Send us a photo of your proposed itinerary. A bonus entry will be awarded for a map of your trip route!


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