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Monthly Animal Challenge

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Don’t forget to submit your entries to the 4-H office by the 3rd of the next month! Send a photo of your completed challenge to to be entered into our drawing for prizes at the end of our 4-H year.


June 2021

The Challenge: Go Fishing on Washington State Free Fishing Weekend (June 12-13, 2021) and make flashcards or a poster to help you remember how to identify local fish.

What You Need:

  • Flashcards (like 3×5 index cards)
  • Writing Supplies like Pens, Pencils, or Makers
  • Printed pictures of fish or a book of fish you can use as reference
  • Posterboard

How to prepare: Look up current rules for fishing in Washington State through the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Make sure your preferred destination or launch is open. Size limits, bag limits, and other rules still apply. Fish responsibly!

You can learn about fishing in Washington through these WDFW Videos 

What to do: Draw fish that are found in fishing spots near you. You can look up a specific place to fish and see the species you might catch. 

Create a flashcard for each species that tells you the name, the characteristics that may help you identify them, how big they need to be before you catch and keep or catch and release. You might want to write down common names or how to fish for that species. Be creative and colorful!  Or create a full poster of species of fish available at a specific fishing location. Be sure to include enough information to educate someone else but not so much information that it cannot be read from 10 feet away.

Reflection Questions: Have you gone fishing before? What did you enjoy? What did you like about the spot you tried? Was it hard to wait for a fish? Did you try different techniques or different bait? How many types of fish did you already know? Were you surprised by anything fishing?

For Fair Entry: This is a great project for an educational display that could be entered as part of Department 2 Educational Displays or submitted as a Department 13 Lot 5 environmental display. The 2019 Premium Book entry rules for Other 4-H Project Work requires: All items entered must include 3×5″ card explaining exhibit: what item is/its use, what was done/learned, publication title/page# where goals listed for the project if applicable. 

4-H Scorecard for Educational Display (PDF)

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