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Still Challenge

Don’t forget to submit your entries to the 4-H office by the 3rd of the next month! Send a photo of your completed challenge to to be entered into our drawing for prizes at the end of our 4-H year.


JUNE 2021

The Challenge: Start a collection! Make a plan for a display, choose what and how you want to collect things and prepare to share them with others.

What you need: A place or container to collect items. You may want labeling supplies: paper, pencils, pens, label maker, tape, printer.  You may want supplies to mount smaller items: tape, pins, toothpicks, glue.

How to prepare: Think about what you would like to collect and how you would like to display it. You might find sketching out a layout helpful.  Look at online examples.

Examples of collections





*these photos are not property of Klickitat County WSU Extension

What to do: Set a goal for your collection and get going! Learn about what you would like to collect and how to find them. If you are interested in collecting items you might see if there are other collectors online with help from your adults. Work on building your collection and displaying items with clear labels.

Reflection Questions: What made you choose to collect the items you did? What does your collection tell or teach other people? What have you learned about collecting items? What have you learned about what you collect?

For Fair Entry: Refer to the premium book for specifics. In Klickitat County, you can enter your collection under Department 13 there may be several Lots that your collection fits into.

4-H Score Card for Self-Determined Projects