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4-H Virtual Project Resources

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Day 1 – March 25th Gardening

Gorge Current

North Carolina Gardening Curriculum

Master Gardener Online Course

Shop 4-H Curriculum

Discover 4-H Club

4-H Vegetable Garden Project Sheet, California 4-H 

Container Garden Instructions for Kids


Day 2 – March 26th SEWING

Mask Templates from both Skyline Hospital & Klickitat Valley Health

PDF of Mask Instructions and Resources

4-H Sewing Project Guides for Working from Home:

  1. WSU Sewing Resources
  2. Clothing Project Advancement Guide from Oregon State University
  3. Purdue Sewing Guide
  4. Purdue Mini 4-H Sewing Guide
  5. Discover 4-H Sewing Club with 6 lessons
  6. Shop 4-H National Sewing Curriculum
  7. Iowa 4-H
  8. Canada 4-H Sewing Guide

YouTube Instruction Video Ideas:

Day 3 – March 27th  Baking

University of Idaho Homemade Pasta Video 

National 4-H Food Add Sheets 

North Dakota State University Baking Full Curriculum

University of Idaho Baking Project

California Baking Add Sheets

Purdue Extension Baking Project Leaders Guide

WSU 4-H Baking Add Sheet

Day 4 – March 30th Fishing

Video from Alabama 4-H on Cane Pole Fishing

National 4-H Fishing Curriculum

New York 4-H: Sport Fishing Project (Books 1-8, 8 activities, & a youth fishing journal)

University of Idaho Sportfishing

Also visit the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for current information on closures and liscencing.

Day 5 – March 31st Visual Arts

Non 4-H:

April 1st – Legos



April 2nd – Reflection and the Experiential Learning Model 

Rutgers Learn by Doing the 4-H Way

April 3rd – Physical Fitness

April 6th – Horsemanship & Horseless Horsemanship 

April 7 – Sheep

April 8th – Goats

April 9th – Dairy Goats

April 14 – Poultry

April 15 – Financial Literacy

April 17 – Butterfly & Entomology 

April 20 – Aerospace

April 21 – Dog

April 24th – Theatre Arts

April 27th – Bicycle

April 28th – Rabbit

May 1 – Woodworking

May 5th – 2020 Pen Pal Exchange Program

May 8th – Leadership

May 12th – Veterinary Science 

May 14th – Swine

May 15th – Outdoor Adventures

May 26th – Photography