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Coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19 Advisory: WSU Extension is working to keep our communities safe. All Extension programming is being conducted consistent with the latest official state guidance. WSU Extension county offices and WSU Research & Extension Centers are following protocols for vaccination, masking, distancing and hygiene. If this office is not open to the public, we are available during normal business hours via email, phone, and web conference.

4-H Virtual Project Resources

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Day 1 – March 25th Gardening

Gorge Current

North Carolina Gardening Curriculum

Master Gardener Online Course

Shop 4-H Curriculum

Discover 4-H Club

4-H Vegetable Garden Project Sheet, California 4-H 

Container Garden Instructions for Kids


Day 2 – March 26th SEWING

Mask Templates from both Skyline Hospital & Klickitat Valley Health

PDF of Mask Instructions and Resources

4-H Sewing Project Guides for Working from Home:

  1. WSU Sewing Resources
  2. Clothing Project Advancement Guide from Oregon State University
  3. Purdue Sewing Guide
  4. Purdue Mini 4-H Sewing Guide
  5. Discover 4-H Sewing Club with 6 lessons
  6. Shop 4-H National Sewing Curriculum
  7. Iowa 4-H
  8. Canada 4-H Sewing Guide

YouTube Instruction Video Ideas:

Day 3 – March 27th  Baking

University of Idaho Homemade Pasta Video 

National 4-H Food Add Sheets 

North Dakota State University Baking Full Curriculum

University of Idaho Baking Project

California Baking Add Sheets

Purdue Extension Baking Project Leaders Guide

WSU 4-H Baking Add Sheet

Day 4 – March 30th Fishing

Video from Alabama 4-H on Cane Pole Fishing

National 4-H Fishing Curriculum

New York 4-H: Sport Fishing Project (Books 1-8, 8 activities, & a youth fishing journal)

University of Idaho Sportfishing

Also visit the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for current information on closures and liscencing.

Day 5 – March 31st Visual Arts

Non 4-H:

April 1st – Legos



April 2nd – Reflection and the Experiential Learning Model 

Rutgers Learn by Doing the 4-H Way

April 3rd – Physical Fitness

April 6th – Horsemanship & Horseless Horsemanship 

April 7 – Sheep

April 8th – Goats

April 9th – Dairy Goats

April 14 – Poultry

April 15 – Financial Literacy

April 17 – Butterfly & Entomology 

April 20 – Aerospace

April 21 – Dog

April 24th – Theatre Arts

April 27th – Bicycle

April 28th – Rabbit

May 1 – Woodworking

May 5th – 2020 Pen Pal Exchange Program

May 8th – Leadership

May 12th – Veterinary Science 

May 14th – Swine

May 15th – Outdoor Adventures

May 26th – Photography