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Credit Cards – Publications

Posted by b.abercrombie | June 19, 2018

WSU Yakima County Extension is now accepting credit cards and debit cards for Publications
2403 S 18th Street, Suite 100, Union Gap, WA 98903

Hours are 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS credit and debit cards.
A convenience fee of 2.35% for purchases will be charged to the consumer, with a minimum of $2.00 charge.

NEW Vineyard Nutrient Management in Washington State

Understanding the nutrient requirements of perennial fruit crops is paramount to the longevity and sustainability of a commercial operation. This guide provides basic information on grape plant nutritional requirements, and how those nutrients become available for use. It also provides specific information relating to vineyards; how site, soil, and viticulture practices influence nutrient uptake. Information on how to soil and tissue test for vine nutrient status is described, as well as specific recommendations for correcting nutrient deficiencies, broken down by the key macro and micronutrients required by grapevines. EM111E

NEW Tree Fruit crop protection guide for 2018 is out!!!!

EB0419 –> $12.00

Exam title —> publication needed
Private applicator –> EM020 = $21.00
Laws and safety —-> EM012 = $13.50
Rights of way ——-> EM029 = $11.50
Agricultural weed –> EM043 = $11.50
Ornamental weed -> EM035 = $11.50
Insect disease control –> EM051 = $12.00
Aquatic pest control —-> EM039 = $11.50
PCO general or structural –> EM019 = $21.00
Public health pest control -> EM034 = $11.50
Structural pest inspector –> EM013 = $32.00
Soil fumigation ——> EM055 = $22.00

We currently only offer Spanish versions for the following publications:

EM020 Private applicator —> use EM020S = $21.00
EM035 Ornamental weed
EM012 Laws and safety
—> both books are included in EM023S = $20.00