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4-H From Home

Program Contact: Autumn Britt, Extension Program Manager - 4-H Youth Development
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Online Resources for 4-H Clubs

4-H at Home Activity Guide (PDF) 4-H Inspire Kids to Do Activity Guide (PDF)

Try these fun, educational activities to help your kid learn valuable skills and gain experiences that will help them continue learning and doing all year long.

Yakima County 4-H Projects and Programs

Our county Projects and Programs page contains project-area specific resources that can be used for in-person or at-home learning.  From downloadable materials and printables to videos, reference materials, professional organizations, and curriculum, your 4-H youth will be able to find resources to succeed in their project whether they are meeting with a club on-site or remotely.

Resources from 4-H Programs and Networks

4-H Healthy Living Curriculum – University of Maine Cooperative Extension

#EmpoweringMEandYou lessons are a part of a multi-year project linked to the National Youth Summits on Healthy Living. Each lesson is designed by Maine 4-H youth (with staff assistance) to be taught by and for middle to high school-aged teens.

4-H Learning Network

The 4-H Learning Network is a community and network of learners interested in a variety of topics related to science, health, living responsibly, and service to others. This network was initiated in 2007 with learning resources provided by a core team of members that included university faculty, 4-H staff, and others. Learners can explore ways to share their own experiences with others around their county or state and even around the country and world.

4-H Virtual Toolbox – University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources
Created during COVID-19 lockdowns, this site contains tips for conducting 4-H meetings remotely, virtual 4-H project tips and ideas, and other useful resources for conducting individual or club activities online instead of in-person.

Clover – from National 4-H

Interactive lesson plans for youth of all ages are available on the Clover website.  Some activities require registration, which is free, to access.

Clover Activity Guides – from National 4-H

4-H Cloverbud Connections:  Resources for 4-H Cloverbud Volunteers & Extension Staff – The Ohio State University

Tips, tricks, and blog posts for engaging Cloverbuds.  Note that this site is not directly for distance learning, however these engagement tips are useful for all those looking to involve our youngest 4-Hers.

Discover 4-H Clubs – Utah 4-H Extension

A variety of curriculum activities in dozens of project areas.

Educational Resources Curriculum – Shop 4-H

Activity kits, games, and curriculum books for sale through Shop 4-H.

Fun Hands-on Learning To Do At Home – Wisconsin 4-H

In Wisconsin 4-H, we believe in educational opportunities that involve youth in their own learning. We encourage critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. We want youth to DO a hands-on activity, REFLECT on their experience, and APPLY what they learned in the current activity and beyond.

We also know that world events could prevent some of those things from happening. Let’s not let them!  We chose the resources on this page with busy parents, caregivers, and families in mind.

Learn at Home Activities, All Ages – University of Maine Cooperative Extension

From science to financial literacy, we encourage you to take advantage of these activity books, guides, and other resources to help children of all ages remain engaged in educational experiences when unable to meet in person.

Learn at Home with 4-H Friday Fun! Videos – University of Maine Cooperative Extension 4-H

Each Friday in the spring of 2020, a new hands-on activity was presented which could be performed, at home, with simple materials that are readily available.

Watch a short video clip to see how it’s done or download our 4-H Learn from Home activity sheets. Each activity outlines materials needed, easy to follow instructions, reflection questions for discussion, and activity extensions.

People’s Garden:  Healthy Gardens, Healthy Youth Toolkit

This site includes access information to the toolkit, the philosophy behind it, and how it was developed.  The toolkit teaches youth how to grow, harvest, and store produce while building community capacity to sustain and grow the program.

UKnow How-to Videos on YouTube – Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

A multi-discipline series of video playlists on a wide range of do-it-yourself projects.  With information on everything from caring for houseplants to building homes for wildlife, raising monarch butterflies to raising backyard chickens, these step-by-step videos are a useful tool to guide youth and adults through new projects.

Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Making Club Conference Calls Fun for All


We all want to hear you, not your background.

If you don’t have headphones with a mic that allow everyone to hear just you, practice muting when you don’t have anything to say.  This will help everyone hear better!

Guidelines & Agenda

All 4-H Meetings should have a plan.

Just like at 4-H Club Meetings, we want an agenda or plan for what we are going to talk about.  That could mean that you’ve scheduled time for checking in and hearing how everyone is doing with their project.  Keeping the group focused helps us use our time well.


Everyone should have something to share.

It’s easy to get distracted, so help everyone keep calls short but frequent.  Try your best to stay engaged and share your thoughts and ideas.  Don’t be an “air-hog” and encourage others that you haven’t heard from to speak too.

Repeat & Summarize

Distractions happen.

If you’ve shared about something that’s really cool, res-state briefly what you’ve shared so anyone fighting distractions (like funny dogs or younger siblings) doesn’t miss out.


Web Games and Virtual Learning Experiences

Ways to Stay Connected

  • Facebook/Facebook Live (Create a closed group, be sure to share with the 4-H office)
  • Zoom Videoconference (Free accounts for individuals are available and time-limited to 40 minutes, or contact the 4-H office to use ours if needed)
  • Skype Videoconference (up to 10 people)
  • Google Meet (video & messaging)

Resources for Club Leaders and Adult Helpers

4-H Project Ideas for Learning at a Distance

  • Practice Public Presentations & Demonstrations
  • Independent Community Service projects
  • Letter Writing (e.g., nursing homes, doctors, grocery stores)
  • Exhibit Hall Arts & Crafts
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Practice Judging, Oral & Written Reasons
  • Hold a Book Club
  • and many more! Share your ideas with