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4-H Clubs & Projects

Program Contact: Tanya Barnett, 4-H Youth Coordinator
360-379-5610 x208 •

Current 4-H Clubs in Jefferson County

Club Name 4-H Projects For Youth Ages*… Leaders & Emails
Backyard Cavies 4-H Club Cavies (Guinea Pigs) 5 to <19 Kaye Bailey
Cedar Tree Performers 4-H Club Food, Gardening, Home Arts 5 to <19 Linda Gately
Clover Cut Riders & Wranglers 4-H Club Horseless Horse
(w/ Michelle)
Horses (w/ Michelle)
Yaks (w/ Patricia)
5 to 7

5 to <19
8 to <19

Michelle Christiansen
Patricia Young
County Mountys 4-H Club Horses 5 to <19 Bethell Moore
Chris Franson
Discovery 4-H Club STEAM, Robotics,
5 to <19 Danell Swim
Aric Mackey
Down & Dirty Equestrians 4-H Club Horses 8 to <19 Trena Brown
Golden Clovers 4-H Club Goats (w/ Felecia)
Llamas (w/ Leah)
Archery (w/ Loretta)
Riflery (w/ Brett)
8 to <19
8 to <19
8 to <19
8 to <19
Felicia Allen
Leah Howerton
Loretta Nelson
Brett Nunn
Horseketeers 4-H Club Horses 8 to <19 Marilee Liske
Hoppers 4-H Club Rabbits & Drama 5 to <19 Virginia Neilsen
Olympic Mountain Bike Team 4-H Club Mountain Biking 11 to <19 Nhatt Nichols
Olympic Reptile 4-H Club Amphibians, Arachnids & Reptiles 5 to <19 Heather Taracka
Paws-N-Claws 4-H Club Cats & Goats 5 to <19 Laurie Hampton
Peninsula Poultry
4-H Club
Poultry 5 to <19 Kathy Roman
PT Youth Entertainment Coalition (PTYEC)
4-H Club
Expressive Arts 13 to <19 Tanya Barnett (primary contact) 
Danny Milholland
Roboctopi 4-H Club Robotics 13 to <19 Brian Morningstar
Silver Spurs 4-H Club Horses 8 to <19 Glenda Meek
Sunfield Shepherds 4-H Club Goats & Sheep 8 to <19 Helen Curry

*“Age” level in 4-H is determined by the youth’s age on October 1 of the current 4-H year (e.g., a youth who turned 9 on November 1, 2018 would be considered 8-years-old in the 2018-19 4-H year).

Current 4-H Projects in Jefferson County

Please contact the 4-H Coordinator, Tanya Barnett, if you would like to learn how to connect with other youth and adults working on the projects below. For a full list of 4-H projects available in our state, please see the 4-H Projects and Publications Catalog.  IF YOU DON’T SEE a project that sparks your interest, please contact Tanya to let her know of your passions… perhaps this will start a whole new project in our county!

Please note: “*” indicates those programs available to youth ages 8 and older; “**” indicates programs specifically for teens.