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Afterschool & School Enrichment Programs

Program Contact: Sarah Pederson, 4-H Youth & Families Coordinator
360-379-5610 x208 •

Brinnon 4-H Afterschool Program


Parents/Guardians, please click on the following to download 4-H Afterschool Letters and Forms:

4-H Afterschool Tag


Contact, 360-379-5610 ext. 208

Afterschool Staff Resources

Afterschool Standards
NAAP Standards(pdf)
NAA Accreditation(pdf)

Forms (pdfs)
Attendance Form
Medication Administration Form
Teacher Activity Planning Form


4-H Afterschool Curriculum Website
Project Learning Tree
Afterschool Ages and Stages
Backyard Forestry

 Nutrition Resources
Healthy Choices Afterschool
Active Kids After School: Obesity Prevention Powerpoint

Educational Models
Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRS)
Denise Tarlinton’s Bloom Powerpoint
Kathleen Jamison’s Experiential Learning Powerpoint
Dottie Burrows Experiential Learning

Educational Models: Graphics

Target Life Skills (pdf graphic)
Experiential Learning Model (jpg)
Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs (gif)

4-H Afterschool
Afterschool Alliance Funding, Activities, Resources, & Issues