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Program Contact: Sarah Pederson, 4-H Youth & Families Coordinator
360-379-5610 x 208 •

How do I join 4-H?

October 1st marks the beginning of a brand new 4-H year… we’re excited that you’re interested in joining us for another year of hands-on learning and positive change.  Please remember to enroll on 4-H Online before attending 4-H meetings and events.
Notes for enrolling 4-H youth:
– A parent/guardian is needed when completing the enrollment process.
– Please go to our Join 4-H page for a guide to help with enrollment.
– As with previous years, the annual 4-H fee is $25/youth.  Financial assistance is available by filling out this form.
– Youth enrollments will be approved when there is at least one certified, adult, 4-H volunteer in the club.
Notes for returning 4-H volunteers:
– You are 4-H’s greatest asset and we are so grateful that you’re interested in joining us again!
– Please enroll in 4-H Online prior to meeting with your club.
– Your enrollment will be approved when (1) your background check is up-to-date and (2) you have shown Su verification of your COVID vaccination (or a vaccine exemption granted by WSU).  You will arrange a time with Su — in person or via video conference — to show her your verification or exemption — WSU Jefferson County Extension 4-H will neither receive nor retain copies of these documents.
Note for new volunteers: Thank you very much for considering this vital work of positive youth development! Please visit our New Volunteers page to learn about becoming a volunteer.

Who can join 4-H?

All youth who are age 5 and in Kindergarten up through those in 12th grade or who have not reached their 19th birthday (before January 1 of the current 4-H year) can join 4-H. Youth who are enrolled in schools that do not assign grade levels, youth who are home-schooled, or youth who are not enrolled in school will be assigned a “4-H grade” according to their age by January 1st.

Check with the 4-H Coordinator for specific information. Special needs youth may be able to participate beyond age 19 with approval from 4-H staff.

How much does it cost?

Beginning October 1, 2017, there is a $25/youth annual fee.  This is a once-per-year fee that allows youth to participate in as many 4-H projects as they choose (fees to participate in special-interest programs such as Know Your Government and Teen Rally vary with the program).  Financial assistance is available upon request – no youth will be denied access to 4-H programs. Financial assistance is available by filling out this form.

When can I join 4-H?

The 4-H year begins October 1st of each year so Fall is a great time to join 4-H. However, depending on the club, members can usually join at any time during the year. To be able to participate in the Jefferson County Fair as a 4-H member, youth must be enrolled in a club and projects by June 1st.  Some projects have earlier deadlines for participation; check with your club leader.

Who can start a 4-H club?

4-H clubs and programs are run by volunteers. Any community member is welcome to apply to become a certified 4-H volunteer and start a new club. It takes two families and at least one enrolled 4-H volunteer to start a club.

Volunteer orientations and new club leader trainings are held throughout the year.

WSU 4-H Reasonable Accommodations Policy

4-H Volunteer Enrollment Process 2021-22 (For Adult Volunteers)

4-H Online Enrollment Steps 2021-22 (For Youth & Families)


4-H Online Enrollment Helps

For PDF of written instructions click on this link :  Written instructions

Or click on YouTube Video for 4hOnline Enrollment to watch video instructions.

YouTube Video for 4hOnline Enrollment